As real estate professionals, we need to maximize every means we have in order to market our products and services to as many people as possible. Marketing campaigns need not be expensive, especially with the online tools available out there at our disposal.

Do you already manage a Facebook Page? If you haven’t, you should head over there and make one right now!

In our previous blog, we discussed the best practices to create a Philippine Real Estate Facebook Page. As the top social media platform, Facebook has access to more people in the whole world than any other public means of communication. Furthermore, it’s free and easy to join.

Who wouldn’t want to reach a large population of online users?

Having a Real Estate Facebook Page in the Philippines instantly gives you more edge than the regular real estate agent who uses traditional and manual methods to market and sell. You should, by all means, promote your Facebook page so you can reap the benefits of digital marketing for FREE.

Reasons why you should promote your Real Estate Facebook Page:

  • Establish Online Branding – introduce yourself to the world when you enter the market competition.
  • Widen Your Audience Reach – there are many prospects in the Philippines who don’t know they need you until they see you.
  • Generate Qualified Leads – when you do, you build opportunities to close sales.
  • Expand Business Network – build connections with small-to-big companies who can be of help to you in the future, and vice versa.

Now that you know why promotion is important, you might be wondering what to do next.

Fret not! For we have got you covered.

Listed below are the 5 ways to promote your Real Estate Facebook Page:


For the newcomers, don’t be afraid to reach out to your family and friends. On your personal timeline, invite them to like your page and have them as your test audience; for sourcing ideas and suggestions on how to gain traction. You can also have your page linked to your Facebook profile, and if you work in a team you can ask them to do the same.

As for the rest who has set their digital footprints on Facebook, it’s not too late to turn the tables. Look at your Facebook insights and determine your top 5 (or 10) posts that garnered the most likes, comments and shares. It could be photos of your property listing, 360-degree view videos or a real estate investment blog post; so find out which ones are popular among your audience.

Knowing the patterns of what resonates with your audience will help bring in more people to follow your page. You should also take note of the best time that majority, if not all, of your followers are online.

A WORD TO THE WISE: Everyone is online on the weekends. Post away and be the first they see when they open Facebook on their phones on Saturday mornings.

To really bring in that audience, remember CONTENT IS KING! Analyze your posts before you publish them and make sure they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • When I see this on Facebook, will I share this on my timeline?
  • Is this a conversation starter, both online and offline?
  • There’s something current and relevant about this content right now, in other words, is it Trending?
  • Should people care about this or something considered to be useful to society?

Once it does meet the aforementioned standard, be sure to target your posts to its ideal audience demographic. Segmentation will help you tailor to specific groups of people and generate more interest compared to a flood of various topics for the public, which can be hard to browse through.


There’s no getting rid of traditional marketing in the Philippines, so you can still introduce your Facebook page to the people you meet through business cards (Psst! Place your Facebook Page URL after all the usual contact information.) Or during business meetings, dedicate a slide in your presentation to promote your Facebook Page to the audience present.

In the digital sense, of course, there are more opportunities. It can be something as simple as responding to reviews, comments and messages; or reacting to posts, shares and tags about you. Make an attempt to reach out to other businesses or influencers around you who may share a similar line of interest; or follow local news to keep updated on current happenings that may relate to Real Estate.

Facebook also boasts of tools you can optimize to increase engagement with users:

  • Events – give your audience the experience of exclusivity when you invite them to events you organize. Engage with them before, during and after the event like you would with a friend you really want to see.
  • Facebook Live – one type of event you can set up is online and with Facebook Live, you have a real-time broadcasting tool to market and interact with your audience instantly. Having people watch your broadcast redirects them to your Facebook Page.
  • Facebook Contests – a very popular way to generate new followers and spread your content to the platform would be to host a giveaway to generate shares and likes. The feeling of competition for rewards encourages users to follow mechanics so they stand a chance to win. At the same time, it’s a contest and your audience will get a chance to win free stuff!


Perhaps the most direct “in-your-face” way to promote your Real Estate Facebook Page to an audience is to pay for advertisements. While it does require setting aside a budget, when done correctly, there are more benefits than costs in the long-run.

On Google, you can use targeted keywords for SEO (search engine optimization) to direct people to your page. We’ve talked about this in detail at another blog post. In summary, it’s about making sure that your keywords and content are correlated and delivered well to rank high in search engine results, particularly Google. This is so people can find you more easily and direct them eventually to where you want them to go (your Facebook Page, duh!)

Within Facebook, they have their own version of promotion with Facebook Ads. They also use targeting features that allow you to advertise to a specific type of audience, usually filtered by age and location when it comes to marketing certain real estate properties.

There are different types of Facebook Ads that you can choose from, like offer ads, video ads, multi-product ads, etc. Depending on your marketing campaign, determine whether you want to generate leads by attracting Facebook likes on a video ad, or entice viewers with your property listings, similar to an online shopping experience within Facebook. Consider a budget too, because you want your advertisement to stay up for a period of time or until you reach out to the audience you want.


Other than promoting within other social media channels or platforms like Twitter and Instagram, make use of your own real estate website and other social media channels. Be sure to have your social media links embedded on the website or when you post blogs, be sure to mention your Real Estate Facebook Page within the content with a hyperlink. If you want, you can also place a widget so people can instantly like and follow you from your website.

For social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, you can promote by creating a post with the link added on the caption/description; or as they feature on their respective profiles, you can place a link to your Facebook Page on the profile bio to redirect them from that platform to Facebook.


For real estate professionals, the amount of email contacts you have accumulated both online and offline is often tenfold the amount of followers you gathered on Facebook. When sending out email marketing campaigns through email blasts, be sure to link your latest Facebook updates into the body of the text. This entices your recipients to visit Facebook and view your content. This is effective in reaching working professionals to receive their likes, comments and shares. For emails that don’t talk about your Facebook Page, you can still subtly promote by adding a link to your email signature.

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