The demand for Philippine Real Estate is not going down any time soon, populations are rising and rural cities are urbanizing. Competition for properties everywhere in this day and age, it’s only common sense to move on from traditional methods and engage in digital marketing. With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains to be on top of the social media ladder. If you want your business to reach a wider audience and increase sales, then starting a Facebook Page is the way to go.

Having a Facebook Business page allows you to establish an online branding and maintain constant connection with the people, to build a positive customer-relationship management (CRM).

In order to be successful and effective in marketing, here are the best practices to create a Philippine Real Estate Facebook Page:

Facebook Business, NOT Personal Profile

For starters, Facebook specifically created this feature in order to cater to businesses such as yours. Equipped with content creation tools and opportunities for paid promotion, with insights and analytics of your page performance. With a personal profile, not only are you limited in features, but it would be hard to engage with people who need to send you a friend request in order to connect with you. A barrier is the last thing you want in your real estate business.

Put Your Name On Everything

Your name is the first thing that people are going to find online. From the moment they type on the search bar to your profile standing. Naming is everything. It’s how you’re going to be identified from here on out. Secure the username and URL on your Facebook page. It’s important to use the same name on your page, username and URL as your website and other social media names, as these are all part of establishing your online brand.

Dress To Impress

After your name, logos are the next thing that will help people identify you. Imagine the face attached to the name, they go together. In the event that someone else shares the same name during a Facebook search, your image is what will distinguish you from the rest. Optimize your profile picture with the company brand logo and make sure to upload in high-resolution. The dimensions that your display photo shows are 170×170 pixels on desktop and 128×128 pixels on smartphones. The same goes for your cover photo. Be sure that it’s engaging and consider dimensions to fit both web and mobile applications, 820×312 pixels on computers and 640×360 pixels on smartphones.

Welcome The Audience

Call-to-action prompts are important in generating leads online and one of the main reasons that you’re creating a Philippine Real Estate Facebook Page. The CTA button is customizable to suit your business category, like “Book Now” for hotels and travel tours or “Watch Trailer” for upcoming events or movies. As for real estate, you can put something like “Consult Now” or “Talk to Us” and insert the URL that directs them to your landing page. You can track the activity of this button and engagement on your chosen timeframe from the Overview section in the Insights tab.

All About You

Make use of every feature to personalize your profile and fill every section on the “About” page. Write a brief yet descriptive paragraph about your company and choose options that align with your brand, such as the apps you use, pages you like, interests and other activities associated with your business. Add your milestones, awards and involvements on your history tab so people will see your timeline of everything that your real estate business has done.

The Basics Of Content Posting

The main goal of online branding is to establish credibility. Trust is what sustains your brand both online and offline. So avoid posting mishaps and assign page roles to trained employees who understand when to post as a brand or as the individual within the business. This is important to distinguish between company brand-related content and personal announcements from individuals in the company such as the CEO or the marketing manager, who makes announcements on social media as themselves.

You need to have a social media editorial calendar ready to plan your posts in advance, it’s best to have something different everyday. Choose between photos, videos and activities for everyone. The key is to be short and specific. You can even integrate your website content into your feed such as blog posts to direct visitors to your real estate website.

Be careful with using hashtags when seeking attention. Don’t use them in all of your posts and limit to one hashtag in a single post. Avoid misuse of trends and unrelated hashtags just to show up in search results. Lastly, always pin important posts on the top of your profile such as latest offers, upcoming events or announcements.

Be Human

Facebook is a social media, hence a place for communication and building relationships online. When you post, it’s to gain attention from the people. Something as simple as asking questions in your post captions prompt the audience to interact with you. Remember that even though you’re marketing as a brand or business, you are reaching out to real people and not robots. Keep that in mind when planning what to post on your feed. Everyone loves to feel special and directly addressed. Monitor the comment section and respond to their inputs. Make use of the private messaging on Facebook to allow fans to interact with you directly through your page. The increase in engagement is important in building a relationship among your clients and entering the Facebook metrics to show how quickly you respond to messages.

Facebook Advertising: Target & Promote!

When paying for an advertisement, knowing your current and ideal demographic is important to cater posts to each type of objective. Facebook has targeting tools available that allows you to segment and set metrics for preferred audience or restrictions. This gives you the fair advantage to engage with people of similar interests and increase chances of interaction. You can even monitor the best posts on your page to understand what type of posts generate more attention. Keep this in mind when creating an ad to promote your Philippine Real Estate Facebook Page.

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