Proudly presenting the all-new Prosperna!You must have been intrigued by all of the social media teasers.

Finally, the long wait is over.

This 2020, Prosperna officially launches the latest product lineup dedicated to helping eCommerce, Real Estate, SMEs and Startups in the Philippines grow their business by creating a world-class Customer First Marketing & Sales Engine.

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For the last 2 years, Prosperna succeeded in transforming the Philippine Real Estate industry by teaching agents, brokers and developers to embrace technology to digitally market and sell to their customers who were already online. Through our continued patronage and the entrepreneurial spirit of our real estate customers, they reached out to us for help with their other businesses.

Dennis Velasco, our Founder and CEO of Prosperna, noticed the pattern where other industries experienced the same challenges as real estate. “As advocates of the Customer First Philosophy, we took the action to expand our digital enablement efforts to other markets in need,” he announced.

Believing in the inevitability of change, the Prosperna team took initiative to progress not just in quantity but more importantly, in quality. The new website represents our values to innovative and help others adapt to the latest technology.

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According to recent news and research, the growing sectors of eCommerce and SMEs, particularly startups, in the Philippines are looking for innovations to boost their business operations using technology. As the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the Philippine real estate industry, we extended our reach to also help Startups, eCommerce and SMEs sell faster, smarter and build better relationships.

Consumers today, demand a lot more when they’re purchasing products and acquiring services. For us, that means helping our customers in all three industry verticals are able to give their customers the best experience is the mission.

Here’s a summary of how Prosperna helps our industry vertical customers:

eCommerce Industry – Create a multichannel website where you can market and sell your products from your own Prosperna Store, social media and online marketplaces. Sell globally and locally with dozens of online and offline payment methods, including COD. Make deliveries anywhere, with local shipping and logistics providers.

Real Estate Industry – Build a customizable website easily to represent your brand, without any coding. Feature all of your properties, share valuable content that we create for you and manage all of your customer interactions using our integrated CRM.

Startups and SME’s – Grow and scale your business with our website builder, “done-for-you” educational content and integrated CRM to improve lead management, sales effectiveness and consolidate customer interactions and insights in one place.

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In order to further attract, build trust and scale both marketing and sales initiatives, Prosperna will continue to build websites with an integrated CRM solution. This time, with extra features built to meet customer demand and a new edition to the suite, the Prosperna Online Store.

The new Prosperna marketing website now exhibits all the features and different plans to meet the needs of every professional and company.

Here’s a quick list of some of the most loved features by the customers.

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Come and visit the all-new Prosperna at and book a FREE DEMO to learn more about growing your business using Customer First technology to market and sell.


Prosperna is on a mission to empower 100,000 SMEs, Startups, eCommerce and Real Estate companies in the Philippines with the tools they need to create a Customer First Marketing & Sales engine. For more information, visit their website at

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