The grand ballroom of the Grand Hyatt in BGC was filled with real estate executives and industrial leaders on the night of August 29, as the “New Perspectives On Investments” by C Estates was organized to present the Philippines’ first digital investment platform for real estate. This momentous occasion was proudly hosted together with Prosperna.

When it comes to real estate deals in the digital era, Prosperna has always been a strong advocate in promoting digital transformation for real estate agents, brokers and developers in the Philippines. With the new technology being introduced by C Estates to the public market, real estate investment becomes digitized, thus made easier for everyone to venture in.

The event mainly focuses on tokenization and blockchain for real estate investment in the Philippines and overseas. While the process of listing a property on a platform seems generic to other applications, the major difference would be the currency used to purchase or invest. Instead of paying actual peso, the money is converted into tokens where Php 1 = 1 token. So you don’t have to pay for the property in full, but rather in portions that you can afford. So when the property generates revenue from a sale or lease, your tokenized contribution will also receive said revenue.

The event was hosted by news presenter and producer of ONE News Network, Shawn Yao. Speakers from the event were corporate heads from C Estates and other companies like NEM Philippines, Gorriceta Law and Prosperna’s very own, CEO Dennis Velasco; to give their pieces of thought leadership for professionals seeking to invest in real estate technology. Prosperna also shared the importance of keeping up-to-date with modern applications in order to push for revolutionizing the entire real estate industry in the Philippines.

Since the Philippine government is still behind on regulating the laws related to real estate or cryptocurrency, the available technology remains to be awaiting further announcement from government departments in charge of formulating laws and regulations, such as Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); to become the first licensed digital asset exchange platform in the country.

Through this event, experts tackle the different aspects involved in property tokenization such as legalities, finances and securities. The Philippines adds to the group of big cities like Amsterdam, Seoul and New York, who are engaged in digital property using blockchain technology. The first tokenized properties were two residential condominiums in Makati, as demonstrated during the event.

It has been an honor for Prosperna to be part of witnessing the pioneers that brought Philippine Real Estate into the future with tokenization and blockchain technology. We continue to support initiatives through events like the “New Perspectives on Investment” by C Estates in order to contribute to modernize the way real estate is perceived and processed in the country.


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