Some people often confuse landing pages with homepages. Aren’t they the same thing?

No, they’re absolutely not!

They are designed for different purposes. A homepage is the first page of the website and directs visitors to other pages, while a landing page is just a single page that is focused on prompting visitors to take an action. The comparison between a landing page and a homepage is up for discussion on a different blog, but for now, let us talk about effective real estate landing pages.

What makes real estate landing pages effective?

A real estate landing page is basically a single web page which includes a form called a CTA or call-to-action, a prompt designed to provoke the visitors to take an action like “register”, “sign-up”, or “call now”.

Effective real estate landing pages (lead capture pages) have one specific objective and this is to turn prospects into leads. The main purpose of a landing page is to get visitors to accomplish a CTA form.

An effective real estate landing page captures the attention of your visitors and is able to instruct visitors to carry out a specific action. A landing page is usually the first thing a potential client has in contact with when it comes to your brand, and first impressions are important, that is why you should create landing pages that are very well-thought of.

Here are ways on how to create effective real estate landing pages:

  • Just K.I.S.S. (Keep it short and simple)If you were to visit a landing page that is packed with too much text and asks you to follow complex instructions, would you even take the time to read everything and fill out the call-to-action form included on the page?

    Maybe not. You would most probably leave the landing page in an instant without even taking a second look at its content.

    When it comes to real estate landing pages, less is more. It would look more appealing if the landing pages are not bombarded with too much information.

    Keeping your landing page clean and simple is the best way to do it. Make the instructions on your page short and easy to follow.

    Why keep it short and simple?

    Well, if you only have a few fields in the form to accomplish, and keep the instructions easy to follow, your visitors will most likely fill out the form and complete a conversion.

    Stick with the essentials! Only ask what you need.

  • Capture people’s attention by creating simple and concise contentHow do you grab the attention of your visitors with your landing page?

    Well, you don’t really have to use very flowery words to get your visitors’ attention. You just use simple words because they are much easier to understand. Use short and simple sentence structures. Be clear and concise with your wording so your visitors won’t have a difficult time comprehending what message you’re trying to convey.

    Instead of overwhelming your visitors with too much information on your real estate landing pages, you should create short-form content where you just very briefly include the benefits of your brand and services. You should make it as concise as possible because the fewer elements you have on your landing pages, the more attention or focus your visitors will give to your main content.

    Your landing pages should be able to prompt your visitors to fill out the CTA form and complete a conversion, and also convince them that your products and services are worth it.

  • Make the page mobile-responsiveWith the development of mobile technology, it is nearly impossible to keep modern people away from their mobile devices. People are almost always using their mobile phones anywhere.

    So, it is only vital that websites, homepages, and even landing pages can be navigated on mobile devices very easily. Your landing page should look great, should be easy to navigate and should load very fast on mobile devices, because having a mobile-friendly landing page can eventually lead to an increase in your conversions.

  • Include a quick call to action form
    Let us reiterate this rule for emphasis:Keep it short and simple!

    When you include a call to action (CTA) form on your landing page, you must also keep it simple and use short and easy instructions. Include an easy and quick call to action form so they are aware of the next step to take. Your CTA should be clear and very understandable.

    Make your CTA very convincing, use simple words, and make it visible by using a large and brightly-colored action button that includes a message like “call us”, “register” or “sign-up here”. Give simple instructions to guide the visitor and potential client every step of the way.

Make the call to action process easy for your visitors. Simple, concise, and persuasive CTAs are key to having great real estate landing pages. If the objectives of your landing pages are met, then potential clients will start pouring in and you’ll have an increase in sales.

Let’s end this post with our very own CTA.

So here goes…

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