The real estate industry in the Philippines is considered to be an expensive market filled with competitive sellers and selective buyers. Getting ahead in business requires efficient strategies to attract potential customers your way that’s effective in any situation.

What if there are ways to improve your Philippine Real Estate marketing without working overtime?

Read on to find out how.



If you’re not already using the Internet to earn leads, then you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. We’re on our way to the 21st century, you should be too! Creating a custom website enhances your Philippine real estate marketing plan by expanding your reach online and digitally.

Owning a professional website establishes your online branding and making it accessible for clients to find you and the properties you sell. The page also includes information to let prospects know who you are and the services you have to offer. Having your online presence online gives you the advantage to stand out more, compared to those who don’t have a website.

Make sure your website is visually-pleasing, easy to navigate and brimming with relevant content. Smartphones are the most relevant gadgets today, more than the computer, so if you don’t have a mobile app, the website should be mobile-responsive. Otherwise, your site visitors may have a negative experience and not do business with you.



A website would be useless without any content. If you want to be set apart from other websites and keep visitors interested in coming back to your website, content is what you need.

Would you waste your time browsing a website with poorly-made content? Most probably not.

Your website’s success is primarily determined by its content and posting good content will increase visitors who use search engines to find you. It is important to publish useful content regularly on your website through blog posts or articles, in order to remain relevant.

Why create a blog?

Well, for starters, creating a blog on your website can help you attract an audience, and gaining new leads is what you want. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. You create a blog, you post great content, and you keep it updated as often as possible. Publishing helpful and creative blogs is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and build trust for your readers and prospective clients.

You can link your social media pages, like Facebook and Instagram, in your blogs. These can also help let your potential clients know that they can reach out or contact you when they decide to do business with you.

Aside from articles, you can include information about your current listings. Make your website the only place they need to go to for information related to properties and real estate.

Give people something very interesting to read. Get them hooked! This will surely keep them engaged on your website.



In the past, real estate agents relied on the traditional way to capture new leads. Networking in various places, posting information on bulletin boards, and giving flyers in malls. Today, this marketing strategy is not enough.

How do you think real estate agents gather new leads?

Where else but Facebook! According to research, Facebook is the most important social media platform for most marketers and people in the real estate business to enter the digital market.

Facebook Ads, in particular, can be valuable to real estate professionals. It is much easier to find buyers on Facebook, who is the best fit for the properties you sell. Facebook advertisements allow you to efficiently reach your ideal target client. Need inspiration for your ad design? There is an excellent selection of Facebook ads for real estate to choose from.

Google Ads, on the other hand, is not the same as ads on Facebook. On Facebook, you basically advertise based on the buyer’s interests and demographic information, while on Google, you can reach your ideal target client based on intent. Google advertising is one of the most effective forms of online lead generation according to most real estate professionals because when prospective clients type in the exact sequence of keywords it provides a direct match.

If you decide to use Google Ads as part of your Philippine real estate marketing campaign, you will gain a better understanding of keywords that produce the most traffic and leads, as you get used to it. With this, you will grow your business and will, then, be able to allocate more ad spend to AdWords.



Email marketing is an important online marketing tool for real estate professionals because it allows you to promote your business, share your expertise, keep in touch with your clients, and basically, to generate leads.

You can make emails that suit your every need since email marketing is highly adaptable. It is also inexpensive and considered to be one of the cheapest online marketing strategies.

So easy to use, you just have to create an email account, and then you’re good to go. With email marketing, you can reach just about anyone around the world who has access to the internet.

How to be successful in email marketing?

Be mobile-responsive! Like your website, make sure the emails you send can be opened on any mobile device. Link your updated professional website at the end of every email. An up-to-date website with regular content encourages your clients to check your website more often, especially whenever you include a link to the site on your email.

Read this Prosperna blog on email templates you can use to contact new leads.



Integrating social media in promoting your business is a good idea, especially during this digital era, where almost everyone from all walks of life has accounts in any of the popular social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are, by far, four of the most popular and favorite social media platforms being used by professionals to grow their real estate business.

Set up your own social media accounts, if you haven’t yet. This will benefit you so much as most, if not all, potential customers are using social media to browse real estate. Which social media platforms should you use for your business? The more, the merrier.

Setting up your social media accounts is not enough, though. You have to keep those accounts active, because if your pages are not updated, your clients may assume that you are not using them anymore.

An active social media presence builds client loyalty because when you’re engaging with your clients on social media, you’re building rapport. Take the time to provide information to your followers and share your expertise to your clients. This shows how you value your clients while building good customer relationships.

What makes social media a good tool to enhance your business?

With social media, you can interact with your clients and prospects directly. You can immediately assess their needs when it comes to their preferences in properties even without having to meet them in person. Be sure to integrate your content from your website across all of your social media channels. Content is of utmost importance.

These are just some of the many ways to create a Philippine real estate marketing strategy.

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