Who likes to get sold to? I’m sure we’d all agree that it’s a pretty resounding…no one!
For those “born” or even “wannabe” sales superstars, you probably imagine yourself sharply dressed and building relationships with high-level decision makers making mega-million sized deals over dinner and cocktails.

Are these dreams a reality?

Well, in a way, they are. People buy from people they like, are comfortable with and whom they trust.

So, why do ninety percent of the real estate agents start their introduction with something like, “sir, bili ka na kasi may pre-selling promo kami”?

Where’s the rapport, comfort, and trust in that approach?

There is NONE.

If you wanna be a top performing real estate agent, broker or developer in the Philippines, you gotta commit to improving your skills and approach by becoming a


Here are 5 Tips to Becoming a Trusted Advisor in Real Estate Marketing Philippines:

  1. Selling Ain’t Telling
    Based on the law of physics that was emphasized by the great Sir Isaac Newton who stated, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. And, as we promote, it’s more important to first understand why people buy, and the second to understand how to sell based on why people buy. If you see these 2 major points as the premise of human and buyer psychology then you should direct your behavior accordingly. Don’t begin your sales pitch to cold prospects by telling them about the pre-selling promo you have but rather begin the conversation with questions that lead to why people buy. For example, if you sell condos, you should know that at its core, people by condos for reasons such as an investment. So, in that case, start your pitch with, “have you heard about the double-digit return on investment from ___ properties”?When considering the law of averages in sales, this approach will get your more results by attracting prospects versus scaring them off with your promo.
  2. Ask intelligent questions
    In case you haven’t already read the book called “SPIN Selling” by Neil Rackham, you should. He’s written the bible on a systematic approach to asking 4 critical types of sales questions:

        i. Situation: Finding out basic facts about the existing situation and establishing an overall
    context in order to provide value.
        ii. Problem: Asking about the problems, difficulties, and challenges the buyer is
    experiencing with the present situation. People buy only when they have needs and needs
    almost always start with a dissatisfaction with the status quo. Follow – up questions
    identify, clarify, and expand the buyer’s implicit needs.
        iii. Implication: Understanding the consequences and impacts of the situation, thereby
    transforming implicit needs expressed as problems into explicit needs. They build the
    significance and seriousness of the problem so that it is large enough to justify action.
        iv. Need-Payoff: Checking and assessing the value and usefulness of a product/service
    in a positive and constructive way. They develop the buyer’s desire for a solution and
    move the discussion toward action and commitment.
  3. Listen carefully to their needs “selflessly”

    By listening carefully without pushing your agenda first, you’ll be able to gather critical data points that compel a prospect to buy or not. As a best practice, here are several powerful ways to improve your listening skills:

       i. Slow the conversation down. Sales reps tend to be talkative people with lots of ideas and opinions –
    a characteristic that can sometimes devolve into talking a thousand miles per hour…
       ii. Don’t interrupt…
       iii. Clarify & paraphrase…
       iv. Listen to emotions…
       v. Ask questions…
       vi. Remember anecdotes

  4. Help a prospect navigate through decision-making
    While in the process of building a trusted advisor relationship, your prospects will appreciate how easy you can make the buying process for them. You gotta remember, your prospects are SUPER busy. If they’re an employee and work for a company, they’re just trying to make it through the day by doing their job and keeping their boss off their back. If they’re a business owner, you can imagine how busy that person is.

    Carefully educate your prospect on the steps above and beyond that, you’ll help them with to increase their confidence in your services.
  5. Qualify them “selfishly” and give them advice on how to move forward with or without you
    As the saying goes, “give and you shall receive”. In order to build trust, you have to think beyond yourself. Customers are A LOT smarter these days and more experienced so they’ll see right through you. As a rule of thumb, give value 75% at the time and ask for some type of commitment 25% of the time. So, based on four interactions with a prospect, you gotta ensure that 3 out of the 4 interactions display the value that you bring to the relationship. By approaching relationships in this way, it reduces the pressure placed on buyers and when reduced, you’ll be amazed at the information they’ll give you so that you can better understand if they’re really a qualified buyer or not and what it will take for you to win the deal.

Follow the tips and become a trusted advisor in real estate marketing Philippines. Earn the trust of your prospects, and become a top-notch real estate agent, broker, or developer.

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