In the age of social media, email still remains to be the most effective marketing strategy of turning prospects into leads. Digital Marketers measure their real estate email marketing strategy success by determining the following:

  • High reach – When recipients open your email, click through the content and accomplish your call-to-action prompt is the highest form of success you can have in email marketing.
  • Flexibility – Using effective templates give you the ability to promote anything without sounding automated.
  • Minimal Risks – When your marketing strategy is free or requires only a minimum budget to execute, you don’t have to invest too much money.
  • Low Barrier of Entry – Since email marketing is cheap, anybody can do it. Chances of success become higher.
  • Full Control – There is full control on content and no restrictions from external factors.

In order to help you send the right emails to your leads, we created 5 Real Estate Email Marketing Strategies you can use today, all backed by science and research.


Avoid the sound of bragging or self-serving towards your customers as it will definitely drive them away. When personalizing your emails, make sure that you’re addressing them with the correct name. At the same breadth, be sure to give your real identity and a reliable email address to respond to.

You need to know your audience, from demographics, services they acquire, down to their budget history and location. Amazon isn’t dominating the e-commerce industry if it weren’t for the lessons they learned in proper email marketing. They fell trap into the generic “Dear [name]” but it didn’t stop them from doing better and setting the standard for successful marketing strategies.

With that, you also need to know when to use short subject lines or long topics. Our advice is to go for the former because based on statistics, only 30% of email marketers practice the usage of short subject lines and direct content.


Everybody loves freebies. When marketing via email, provide a gift to your recipients whether it’s an ebook or a video tutorial. Make use of the different types of media by attaching a video in the email, like a trailer or a video message, talking to your customer directly.

If you want to start simple, why not give out free real estate email templates?

Your prospects may ask you, “what’s in it for them?” and while research concludes that templates and tools are the most effective free content to share, you should experiment on what works with your demographic. You can choose between ebooks, expert interviews, brain teasers, and even photo albums.


If you’re looking to revive a dead lead, try sending out a “trigger email.” By monitoring your prospects’ activity, give them an incentive to pursue the action.

In real estate, there are so many instances that a customer looks at a listing and takes an interest in it, only to suddenly change their mind. Try to send them an email containing links to the property they just viewed but with an added voucher for a discount when they decide to invest within a time frame.

Not only do you reignite their interest into something they already like, but you give them a way to make the transaction easier.

Quick Tip: Either send your emails from 8PM-12AM on weeknights or weekends to increase chances of open-rates and click-throughs.

The sample mentioned above is an “activation email.” Other types of trigger email are “win back” (when a customer reaches the end of their subscription, you give them an announcement of new things to come i.e. reasons to stay and renew their subscriptions) and “surprise” (for loyal customers, send them a thank you or a congratulatory email for their continued patronage with an exclusive freebie or discount for their next transaction).


Don’t underestimate the power of checking up on former and inactive subscribers. Since they already showed initial interest on your product and service, they only need a little nudge to get them back on your list again.

Your list of prospects may be huge, and while that’s great, chances are more than half of them are inactive. They probably feel left out, since some of your email blasts might not cater to their needs. Remind them why they subscribed to you in the first place and offer them up-to-date content in line with their interests.

Provide direct links to the listings they previously checked out and newer properties similar to their interests and spark new engagement.


According to a research by HubSpot, that list segmentation is the second biggest factor of better email marketing KPI performance. You can focus on prospects sharing a similar demographic like location and age group, without annoying other prospects who won’t benefit from the information outside their demographic (far locations or different age group).

With the help of a CRM software, you can organize all of your leads based on their categories and increase effective sales.

At Prosperna, you can book a FREE DEMO to show you how to send email blasts, corporating all the email strategies we showed you today, including list segmentation. It is our aim to help real estate professionals such as yourself to build better relationships with your customers and sell smarter.

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