As a real estate agent, broker or developer, how effective are your lead generation campaigns? If you’re still “flyering” and doing required “saturation” sessions at the mall, we all know how ineffective that can be. If you’re using Facebook, you might not be getting the consistent results that you want. Or, you’re looking to get better results. Lucky for you, there’s no better time than now to be in real estate. The market is hot and if used and done properly, technology can be your competitive advantage to increase leads and sales. So, what are the most effective strategies when it comes to 21st century real estate lead generation in the Philippines?

Let’s begin.

Since 95% of the real estate professionals in the Philippines don’t have a website, let’s assume you don’t have a landing page either.

If this is true, bottomline is that you need landing pages, AT THE VERY LEAST, if you want to get the best results.

So, what is a landing page?

Landing pages are specific online pages designed with the single objective of turning online interest into a direct sale or a lead. If used properly, online advertising and landing pages are designed to work together seamlessly. Or, if you love to promote your listings on social media, you could get amazing results by incorporating a landing page with your efforts. 

There are 2 types of landing pages that you should consider. The first type is for the purpose of promoting your product or service for a “limited time”. For example, when you post your property listing on your Facebook page or on LinkedIn groups with the intent to get inquiries. Since these property listings will eventually be rented out or sold, they are considered to be used for a specific and “limited time”.

For advanced methods, landing pages are designed to move visitors into a specific sales funnel based on their needs. Afterwards, they’re nurtured until they’re ready to buy or sell.

The second type is a landing page that is directly on your website with “evergreen” content on it. When it comes to real estate SEO for the Philippines, these are the right type of landing pages for your your website’s organic search ranking. “Evergreen” content is SEO content that will always be relevant and “fresh” for readers. For example, if you created a landing page with content about “5 Tips Real Estate Investment Tips for OFW’s”, that content will always be relevant and doesn’t “expire”.

How is this different from my website or my Facebook page?

Let’s start with your website. An important part of your strategy for successful real estate lead generation in the Philippines.

Your website is an integrated group of web pages that tell your ENTIRE story. It provides an overview of your business and covers a variety of topics to keep customers informed.

The typical real estate agent website includes the following:

  • A homepage
  • A seller’s information page
  • A buyer’s information page
  • Property search
  • An about page
  • A contact page
  • A blog

As a real estate agent, your website plays a different role than a landing page.

Your homepage is like the front door of a boutique.

The goal of the homepage is to entice people to come in and look around. You want visitors to explore your site for more information as a “resource”. Whether it be for sellers or buyers, you want people to use your site to search for homes and learn as much about you as possible.

To do this, your site needs to instantly and attractively communicate your value proposition. Explain what do you do, for whom do you do it, and why working with you is the best decision for them.

Having your own affordable website is very important so that you can generate and own your own traffic. Unfortunately, even a Philippine based website developer can be expensive, not to mention unreliable if they are a freelancer.

Now, what about your Facebook page?

Your business page on Facebook is a page within a social media network who’s purpose is to create engagement with your target audience. By using your business page on Facebook for engagement, you can lead or entice your audience to click on posts, links or images. These links should redirect your audience to either your website or specific landing pages.

Landing Page for Real Estate Agents| Prosperna Blog

Now that we’re all on the same page as to the different purposes of your website, your business page on Facebook and landing pages, allow me to repeat myself…

A landing page is HIGHLY focused, with NO additional pages to detract from the primary goal of the page — designed to convert visitors into leads.”

If you’re trying to use your Facebook to sell, you will scare away prospects immediately. Facebook is a social media network. You should be using it to engage with prospects by educating them with insights and displaying your brand personality. You’ll be more successful by allowing community members to collaborate with you and together. Create an uninhibited environment without prospects being afraid that a sales person is gonna jump out and harass them.

Who wants to go to a Facebook page and get sold to?

I would argue that absolutely no one does, unless they’re already at the buying stage, and at the bottom of the funnel. Even if you catch them there, you haven’t built any credibility or relationship with them. The reality is, your chances of winning them over are slim to begin with.

Why do agents, brokers and developers need landing pages for real estate lead generation in the Philippines?

Several research studies show that:

  • 43+% of all home searches start on the internet
  • 94% of millennials say they use the internet for their home buying process
  • 84% of baby boomers say they use the internet for their home buying process

So, since you’re in the real estate business and it’s the 21st Century, you’ve got to have a complete online presence. And, it should be done the right way. Most Filipinos in real estate use Facebook as the ONLY place to post their real estate listings. That’s just plain old WRONG (as I stated the purpose of Facebook above)!!! I don’t care if Facebook is FREE. Nothing matters if you’re not able to generate leads from it, therefore, it just becomes a waste of time and wishful thinking.

5 Benefits of Real Estate Landing Pages?

  1. Higher Conversion Rates – Landing pages convert website visitors to leads at a much HIGHER RATE than the home page of any website or social media network.  This is certainly the case with agent websites and real estate landing pages.  By creating a few landing pages, real estate agents can convert more traffic into leads.
  2. Always On Automation – A properly setup landing page provides you with an automated source of new leads. It works 24/7 even when you’re not working. 
  3. Credibility & Brand Building – An effective landing page offers something of value to the viewer. In real estate, it gives you the opportunity to provide valuable “trusted advisor insights and information to buyers and sellers which builds your credibility and brand.
  4. Builds Your Database – By simply creating a few landing pages allows real estate agents to build lead databases of highly targeted leads.  This makes it easy for agents to then send highly targeted messages to different lead group segments. For example, take a BGC Condo Preselling Landing Page.  It builds a lead database of people who has interest in pre-selling schemes for purchasing a condo. By them signing up for this specific information, you can now send them highly targeted emails about future pre-selling developments.
  5. Ongoing Lead Generation – Landing pages are NOT a one time lead source.  Setting up an effective lead-generating real estate landing page is easy and it will be one of your most important business building marketing tools. Once created, you’ll have an ongoing source of new leads.  

To get started, just do this:

  1. Setup a landing page – Think of information that could provide value to a buyer in your area (such as a Local Buyer Report).
  2. Drive Traffic – Use sources like online marketing, social media, email marketing or sms text marketing and redirect them to your landing page links. 
  3. Respond – Getting back to a lead in a timely manner is super important. Leads responded to within 5 minutes will increase your chances of setting an appointment by up to 50%.

As you can see, by creating an effective landing page strategy and using your website and social media pages correctly, you can be much more effective and improve your real estate lead generation in the Philippines. This is something that any Philippine real estate website developer should be able to do for you but if you want something simple and affordable, check out the Prosperna landing page builder. Prosperna is the only platform and community dedicated to helping real estate professionals in the Philippines reach their full potential. To get the latest updates, tips and best practices for FREE, subscribe now.


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