Gone are the days where realtors advertised in newspapers. And, if for some weird reason you still own a fax machine, you’re probably trying to figure out how to get rid of it.

Business today moves fast, there’s a lot more competition and your target buyers are more tech-savvy and digital than ever.

At Prosperna, we’re passionate about helping real estate agents, brokers and developers grow their business. While on this journey, we did the research and wanna share with you the Top 10 latest Philippine real estate marketing apps and technology tools that top real estate professionals use and how to use them.

1. Insta360 Air Pocket Mini Panoramic Camera

High-end buyers often live abroad so it’s hard for them to see what your property really looks like on both the inside and the outside. Even local buyers are more tech savvy and they’re always online doing their research online. The best way to build a connection with your target audience and shorten your sales cycle is to give them a personal 360-degree tour of your actual property. Think of it like Google’s Street View feature but instead, you’re touring a property. This is a pretty impressive way for you to gain credibility with a client since you could not only give them a hands-on tour but also include yourself and a personalized narrative on why the property fits their needs.

While there are other non-branded 360 cameras that can easily snap on to your smartphone that are available for as low as PHP 2,500, I prefer to go with a branded one to ensure the quality, integration, and longevity of the device. The Insta360 Air Pocket Mini Panoramic Camera can be found on for approximately PHP 5,000.

2. Hello Sign

The days of mailing and sitting in traffic trying to deliver documents to clients are almost over thanks to services like HelloSign. HelloSign integrates with Gmail and Google’s G Suite making it the easiest way to collect legally binding e-signatures from clients remotely.

The price of Hello Sign depends on the number of documents you want to send. There’s also a free version available for signing up to 3 documents a month.

3. Speaking Photo

Many real estate agents love using this app for presentations. You can easily take a photo, then record audio on top of it. The possibilities are endless, but one application is to use it for a comparative marketing analysis. Use a photo from each property, and talk about why a new listing will be slightly more or less than the other. What a great way to separate yourself from the competition and become their trusted real estate advisor.

SpeakingPhoto comes available with an iOS and Android app. They also offer a FREE plan and their paid plans begin at $9.95 per month.

4. Google’s G Suite

Wow…if you’re still stuck on some of the other old email services like Hotmail or Yahoo, that may be a sign that you might be left behind. Google’s G Suite has sooo many modules, apps and use cases to improve a real estate agent, a broker or a developer’s team’s productivity, that it clearly pays for itself, EASY!

There are almost too many use cases to help you sell that I can’t put them all down but here are some of the top ones besides Gmail and their calendar because those are no-brainers.

Docs: Easily create and share Property Information Sheets and/or convert them to PDF’s with prospective buyers.

Sheets: Quickly create, share, present and collaborate with prospective buyers on different payment schedules.

Forms: Create mobile friendly open house sign-in sheets to gather prospective buyer information from your mobile device.

Slides: Your imagination can go wild with the ability to create an impressive area or development presentation slides.

Sites: Build a simple blog, website and landing pages for your real estate listings.

Keep:  Create lists for yourself or your for your sales team that could consist of to-dos,
notes and reminders to ensure you’re maximizing you and your team’s productivity.

Google+: Stay in touch all the time, wherever you are with your own VOIP mobile
number and voice mail.

Hangouts: Start instant video calls with overseas buyers and give them real-time walk
throughs of your properties for sale straight from your smartphone.

Drive:  Store all of your documents and property photos in the cloud and access them
from all of your devices with a single log-in.

5. Skitch

With people on the go more than ever, Skitch allows real estate agents to take photos
and or easily insert annotations, shapes, and sketches directly on top of your photos or
other documents straight from your smart device. This is a great way to get your point
across better and faster without all the back ‘n forth.

Skitch is available for both the iOS and Android Platform.

6. Camcard

As we all know, business cards are still a part of the business culture here in Asia. CamCard is a free app that converts photos of business cards from your smartphone and will save them to your contacts on your phone or into a file that can be uploaded to other cloud apps. The feature I love the most is the ability to exchange e-cards. There is a free version that most people believe fits their needs, as well as paid versions.

CamCard is available for both the iOS and Android Platform.

7. Bitly

Once you create custom content for your real estate website or landing pages, one of your next moves — in this case, before your start promoting the pages in question — you should set up UTM parameters that will allow you to track all of the content you craft in Google Analytics. The downside of these parameters is they make your site links super-long and, in turn, look a little suspect in the eyes of anyone who clicks them.

The solution to prevent any click-through issues from occurring with these links is to use a link shortener, like Bitly, that can transform your 250-character URL into a brief, 40-character version. These link shorteners essentially act as a 301 redirect for your site links, meaning they still direct clickers right to the appropriate page.

While this is the main functionality of Bitly, the link-shortening platform now offers a wealth of analytical data associated with all of the links you create. So, if you produce an area page for a local neighborhood in your market and create different UTM links (for example, one for Twitter and one for Facebook, so you can see which source generates the most traction) and Bitly them (yup, it’s a verb as well as a noun), you can see which link “wins” — that is, which source earned you the most traffic.

There are plenty of other data-based use cases for Bitly as well, so it’s highly recommended you give the service a try so you can more easily ascertain what types of content (e.g. buyer and seller resources), sources (social media channels, email), and mediums (blog posts vs. pages) garner the most traffic to your IDX site.

For most peoples needs, they can use the app for FREE.

8. KWFinder

Without a doubt, Google Keyword Planner is the premier SEO keyword research tool today. Having said that, there are much easier but lesser-known options that can also give you a glimpse into what kinds of locally focused terms and phrases you should be incorporating in your content, based on their relevance and popularity (that is, their monthly search volume), and KWFinder is one such tool.

The KWFinder keyword research solution can instantly give you hundreds of similar terms to main keywords along with their monthly search volumes so you can build or enhance your real estate SEO strategy in no time at all. The paid option definitely provides a much clearer view of what keywords will likely work best with your online content, but the free insights the site provides can still deliver the keyword details you need to build a strong SEO plan.

9. YouTube

Not much to say here except for there’s a big opportunity for you to improve and gain an online presence on YouTube and with the ability to create videos from any smartphone, using YouTube is a must. In case you’re camera shy, don’t worry because these days videos don’t have to be professionally produced. In many cases, more “organic” feeling videos are more realistic and effective.

10. Videolicious

Videolicious makes professional video editing a snap. Agents can add watermarks, logos, and automatically edit together smaller videos into one presentation. If you’ve ever tried to shoot an entire large home in one take, you know how useful this will be. Your clients will love the professional looking video walkthroughs. Best of all it’s EASY.

There it is my friends. If you want to reach new and amazing levels of success by reaching tech-savvy and customers on the go, by increasing your online exposure and productivity and by differentiating yourself, what are you willing to do?

The best performing Philippine real estate marketing agents, brokers, and developers will find ways to use technology to help them scale their business and to increase sales. We hope this list helps to inspire you.

Here at Prosperna, we’re the only online community designed to support the education and growth of real estate professionals in the Philippines so that they can exceed their full potential. Stop guessing and start selling. Subscribe now for more tips and best practices here.

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