We’ve established in our previous blogs how effective Philippine real estate email marketing is for agents and brokers, in generating qualified leads and nurturing clients. This remains to be a relevant platform in the industry as a sales strategy, because satisfied clients lead to customer retention.

You should give them a read, and who knows, you’ll find what you’re missing to be successful.

If you don’t already know, there are important metrics that determine the success of your email marketing campaign. Here’s the refresher:

  • Open Rate – the percentage of recipients who opened your emails. Determines how engaged your subscribers or potential clients are with your email marketing.
  • Click-Through Rate – the percentage of subscribers who clicked a website link included in your email. Analyzing this will let you know how engaged subscribers or clients are with your CTA or call-to-action.
  • Unsubscribe Rate – the percentage of recipients who unsubscribed from your email campaign. Measuring this will give you an idea of your content relevance and whether it sustains the engagement of your audience and subscribers.
  • Conversion Rate – the percentage of subscribers or clients who clicked through your email and went on to accomplish a specific goal (for example, subscriber filled out a form). The conversion rate is an important goal because it measures how effective you are in convincing subscribers to respond in a certain way.

With that said, there is a science behind every strategy used in effective email blasts, and in case you’re wondering, we’ve rounded up the research for you.

How is this relevant?

Imagine making a small change with the way you send email blasts; that it can actually benefit you from a ten to a hundredfold. How’s that for relevance.

Still not convinced? Prepare yourself to be amazed.


Even when social media has taken over the digital landscape, email has evolved and adapted to continue its place in everyday life. In fact, it was estimated that 281 billion emails were exchanged on a daily basis and expected to increase for the years to come.

With nearly 8 billion people in the world, that’s like 3 emails per person each day!

Since Gmail and Apple competing for the top spot, users are anticipated to double in number as devices keep on being produced for human consumption.

Users understand that emails are their professional yet private platform to directly communicate with sophisticated individuals they interact and/or work with. For the millennials, it requires a bit more push before they can trust in your services because email is considered as ‘sacred’ for them.

So work on creating the best content that won’t end up in the spam box.

In fact, read this guide to improve your email deliverability to ensure that your emails are delivered to their inboxes.


Everyone scrolls mindlessly on the internet looking for the next best thing to rave about, to the point that they get FOMO (fear of missing out).

All that stimuli raises their standards on what can grab their attention, so your email should find the perfect balance between “what you stand for” and “what your audience cares about.”

This is what we referred to in our past blog as the “email marketing sweet spot,” and knowing what your audience wants, when they want it, will bring them to that spot.

An email marketing survey recommends to consider the timing of your email blast and incorporate media that are compatible for all devices; your CTA should be limited to not more than three to avoid buying paralysis for your clients.

Don’t beat around the bush with them, your email blast should be quick, direct and simple. One of the ways to get their attention is through visual content.

Let’s be honest, a lot of us prefer to watch a 2-minute video over reading essays without any photos.


Time and time again, we talked about the positive effects of list segmentation to target your marketing campaigns for different demographics.

What you probably don’t realize, is the fact that when you personalize your campaigns, your subscribers feel a sense of exclusivity.

Other than the friendly interaction, they feel special with the way you understand their experience and situation beyond their demographic (location, age group or occupation); also their behavior (views and habits), so they are more likely to respond to your content because of the good first impression you left that it’s something that they can relate to.

See how being thoughtful of your prospects can actually lead to happy clients.


Other than viewing your content, what we need from the audience most is their feedback.

What did they think about it?

Are they interested for more or do they have any questions for you?

When you prompt your audience to fulfill a certain action, do it at least TWICE. This is called the “double opt-in” and follows the reciprocity principle that is studied under social psychology of giving, giving and giving, before asking for something in return.

This is why in sending your email blasts, your schedule and frequency should equate to the content relevance.

Are you addressing issues they need immediate answers for?

Try talking about your first interaction with them or their previous transactions when they require your assistance; and see how they may respond to you with a new inquiry after helping them out previously.

Remember being human and less corporate toward prospects and clients is the way to become a REAL ESTATE TRUSTED ADVISOR.


Whether you work for a broker, a big company or own one, communication plays an important role in all aspects of your profession.

In order to build strong and lasting relationships with your clients, you must constantly engage with them.

It’s free to do, but all that customer data you collect from investing your time is a precious resource that informs you of what the people want, and what you can do to help them.

This helps with brand building that you are a reliable and approachable email marketer.

Furthermore, when they know that your kind of customer service exists, they will begin to set higher expectations for the way that they acquire professional assistance.


Are you still sending emails one-by-one or worse, composing generic messages and addressing everyone Bcc?

You should highly consider investing in a CRM that does more than just sending mass personalized email blasts, but also allows you to organize and segment leads all-in-one platform, across ALL your devices.

We recommend that you book a FREE DEMO with Prosperna and we’ll show you how this powerful tool is all you need to be successful in Philippine Real Estate Marketing.

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