Everybody checks their phones more than once a day, on average. A lot of people today, start and end their day on their phones checking social media or communicating with others in some way. The dependence toward smartphones remains to be current.

Sending text messages or short message service (SMS) to contact people are still relevant, in terms of communication in the Philippines. As real estate professionals, this is one of the most important means to generate leads and build a positive Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Based on research, SMS open rates are at a towering 98%. In the age of the internet and social media, that’s a pretty competitive marketing strategy, if you ask me.

It’s best not to underestimate the power of marketing through SMS Blast; they have benefits that you can’t overlook because they overshadow the drawbacks, making the effort worth doing.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

  • High Engagement Rates – SMS texts are sent directly to your smartphone, so there’s no barrier like needing the Internet to check your inbox and social media.
  • Track Analytics – With a platform, you can see your open rates and click throughs.
  • Easy Interaction – It’s easier to reply to a text message than an email.
  • Simple Marketing CampaignSend SMS blasts in matter of minutes and reach your prospects instantly.

Drawbacks of SMS Marketing

  • Character Limit – You need to keep your content and messages short, otherwise it would appear “spammy” to the receivers.
  • Backlash – Be sure to introduce yourself and how you got the receiver’s number because they might feel like their privacy has been invaded and end up blocking you.
  • Informal – It may seem too casual to market over SMS due to the simplicity, so there’s a tendency that people don’t take it seriously.
  • Need for Variety – Unlike commercials and advertisements that can be recycled on any platform, SMS marketing campaigns need to be different each time to avoid sounding robotic.

With all that said, what are the guidelines to follow when creating a marketing campaign via SMS?

We made a list of 10 Do’s and Don’ts of SMS Blast for Philippine Real Estate Marketing. Give it a read below:


Be direct in your message and direct your prospects what to do after reading your text. We suggest to shorten your links and avoid ugly URLs on text.

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#2 DO K.I.S.S.

Keep It Short And Simple – don’t make room for complications and make your messages dummy-proof.

Hi , I’d love to show you these new projects I have. Where’s your favorite city?


With less than 160 characters to market, engage with your prospects by hooking them. Try using uppercase words to grab their attention.

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Cellphone numbers are considered sacred and private information for many people. In sending them text messages you have to establish trust and credibility. Start by introducing yourself; who you are, what you do, where you’re from and how you got their contact number.

Hello !

This is . We met at the last week, I hope you had a great time. Thanks for exchanging business cards with me. Would you be interested in staying up-to-date with your dream home?


Before blasting SMS texts to your prospects, determine the best time and day that they are more responsive to your messages.

Hey ,

What’s for lunch? Just checking in to see what you thought of the blog I sent you yesterday. Enjoy your meal!


When you don’t schedule the frequency of your SMS blasts, this may annoy your prospects. Be sure to send valuable and useful messages less frequently but keep them regulated.

If you already sent them a message at 9AM, follow up with them at 12NN or 5PM when they no longer seem busy to respond.


Other than sounding informal or casual, your prospects might not take your message seriously when you try to sound too familiar. Avoid uncommon abbreviations and acronyms because not everyone is going to understand the context of your text.

Example (of what NOT to do):

Waddup yo!

Got sum gud stuff 2 share wit u over drinks. G? Lemme know if ur interested. Thx.


There is a need for constantly fresh content because SMS marketing involves direct communication with prospects, as opposed to watching a commercial on TV or an advertisement video online. So be sure to have a variety of categories daily or weekly to avoid repetitive use of topics and wording.

Hi ,

Happy Friday! Have you read that news about that one celebrity gossip? I have a funny meme that you have to see. Click here .


Remember that you’re not the only one trying to market your prospects, let alone send SMS texts to. Avoid having a one-track mind that you need to land a sale on all prospects that you meet but build a positive relationship with them instead. Show genuine care and approach them like a human, not a robot.

Hello ,

How are you doing? Let me know if you need help with your property search and I’d love to assist you. Have a great day ahead!


Text messages must be direct and transparent in nature. Don’t trap your prospects into thinking that you’re only out to solicit from them. Give them an option back out or include clear disclaimers of what’s in the package you’re providing.

Good day !

Thank you for subscribing to our weekly newsletter! We have an exclusive offer for you to avail a property in your desired area for *0% Down Payment.

Respond YES if you’re interested, or STOP to cancel your subscription.

*For the first 10 subscribers only. Terms and Conditions Apply.


Sending SMS Blast is supposed to make Philippine Real Estate Marketing easier for you to generate qualified leads and maintain a positive CRM with your prospects. If you’re interested to get started with SMS Marketing, book a FREE DEMO with Prosperna and we’ll show you the way to success!

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