SPAM! SPAM! SPAM! That’s all I see from real estate agents in social media. Endless posts and reposts about discounts and promos. Buy this. Buy that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always after a good deal but that’s typically in the end of the process. In the fast paced digital world of today, potential customers are a lot more savvy and they aren’t looking to get “sold to” and the bottomline is, they just ignore SPAM. In addition, there’s a lot of distractions for website browsers so if you can’t get the attention of the right buyer, at the right time of their journey, you’ll lose ‘em pretty quick and worse yet, perhaps forever.

If you’re REALLY, REALLY serious about building a long-term sustainable pipeline of social media followers and prospects for your real estate business, here’s the 4 BEST ways for real estate agents to use social media as a Philippine real estate sales platform to increase website traffic, without using ads:

      1. Who is your audience?
        First and foremost, you’ve got to abandon the “shot gun” approach to your marketing. Instead of spraying a lot of generic messages to as many Facebook groups as possible and praying for a response, start creating a hyper focused targeted approach.Get into the details of who your target audience is. If you’re gonna be successful, you’ve got to be able to identify, document and decide on who you’re gonna go after based on:

        • Age
        • Race
        • Gender
        • Income Level
        • School/Education
        • Living and Working Address
        • Travel Patterns
        • Marital Status
        • Size of Family
        • Current Housing Status (Renting or Owning)
        • Generational Clarity (Millenial, Gen X, Baby Boomer, etc)
        • Life Stage

        By better identifying the target buyer persona and their main concerns, you’ll be able to understand what information to post about, on which specific social media pages and groups, at the right time, with the right call-to-action. In the end, you’ll see a huge difference in results of followers and engagement.

      2. Be Relevant and Engaging
        After clearly identifying your target buyer persona, any real estate agent is better able to really share content that matters. To do this, think about a real estate buyer’s journey. What is their state of mind, what questions and topics would they research and look for as they go through the awareness, engagement, product consideration and purchasing phase?If you want to be a real estate sales top performer, your goal is to provide content that educates more and promotes your products less. It’s the old 80/20 rule. Send helpful content 80% of the time and self-promoting content only 20% of the time.Face it, isn’t that how you’d like to be treated if you were buying real estate and didn’t have a “trusted” real estate advisor yet?Another suggestion when leveraging social media and other forms of digital marketing is to use lots of visual content. How many real estate buyers, purchase property or a condo without ever seeing it. Some do of course but not many. As we all know, real estate is the single largest purchase of any person in their lifetime.Beyond some nice pics from your smartphone (which is fine, too), here’s a list of different types of visual content to ensure that your social media efforts are successful:

        • Virtual Tour Slideshows
        • 360° Panoramic Walkthroughs
        • 2D Digital Photography
        • Videos
        • Drones for aerial views of the area
        • Virtual Reality Videos
        • Floor Plan Layouts
      3. Be Consistent
        The key to any type of relationship, including business, is consistent communication. Social media for real estate in the Philippines is no different. People don’t want to end up on a social media page or a website that hasn’t been updated. This sends the wrong message. Make sure you’re continually updating, responding to and starting conversations with your audience.One way to ensure consistency is to create a social media content calendar. There’s a ton of very useful cloud software tools out there that can make your life easier. One that we use and like is called TRELLO and has a free version. Here’s a sample social media content calendar that you can actually copy and edit.
      4. Humans vs. Robots
        Learning to write like a human may be one of the most important things you can do for your customers and it will almost certainly help your business succeed. Companies spend millions and billions to perfect the image and brand by carefully selecting words that embody their products and services and it works.

        Guess what though. You don’t have to be a great writer.  Instead of overthinking it and complicating the situation, remember that you’re writing something and using it for social media. You’re not trying to teach an MBA class.  And, people in social media tend to open up their own weird and vulnerable sides of their personalities so it’s how you talk to them that matters.

        So, how do you do that? I’ll tell you:

            A. First, stop using complicated MBA language. Start using everyday words.
            B. Ask yourself, does this sound like something a human would say during a
            C. Is what I’m trying to communicate clear?
            D. If someone that I cared about heard me say these words, how would they

    Overall, just think about your customers, friends and family. How do they talk?

    Now, start writing by trying to mimic the simplicity and clarity of how everyday conversations take place. Follow the tips on using social media as your Philippine real estate sales platform and you’ll surely be able to increase the amount of data received and sent by your website visitors.

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