Certified Real Estate Brokers all over the country gathered and occupied the Baguio Country Club Cordillera Convention Hall for the Annual National Convention, in celebration of the 41st Anniversary of the Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP), from November 11 to November 13, 2019.

Prosperna honored by a personal invitation from REBAP’s National President Al Roque to be a program speaker for “Ignite, Inspire, Innovate – Empowering Certified Real Estate Brokers,” was attended by CEO Dennis Velasco, with Customer Success Managers Eugene Gelacio, Kurt Castro and Marketing Associate, Efraim Villanueva; as representatives of the company.

REBAP has collaborated with Prosperna on more than one occasion, these include their attendance in Mandaluyong and La Union Chapters to train real estate agents and brokers about the future of Real Estate, online marketing, generating leads on LinkedIn and Facebook.

The morning of the first day, a lot of preparations were being made by all the participants but also the opportunity to meet new people. A parade of Chapter Colors kicked off the event, coupled with exclusive performances from Cordillera Youth, the Baguio-idol Gwensi Santi and stand-up comedian Alex Calleja.

For the main event, the panel of speakers stood on stage to share their piece of knowledge that CRBs all over the Philippines should be equipped as their resolution for the upcoming new year. Starting with Dennis Velasco of Prosperna on “The Digital Transformation of the Philippine Real Estate Industry and 4 Ways To Leverage It” He was followed by other industry leaders to share the state of the Philippine Real Estate Market, sustainability of real estate development and what it takes to become globally competitive. The 41st REBAP National Convention concluded with the elections of new officers and board of directors in the upcoming year 2020.

In our journey to advocate digital transformation and enablement for the real estate industry, particularly in the Philippines, participating in events like the 41st REBAP National Convention enables us to get involved. That way, we can empower and educate real estate professionals on the importance of integrating the latest technology into their careers.

From Prosperna, thank you REBAP! Looking forward to future opportunities to help Filipino real estate professionals become successful.

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