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Real estate professionals should keep abreast with the latest digital tech tools and real estate trends to be able to thrive in the competitive business of buying, selling, or leasing properties. For you to successfully and effectively carry out your tasks as a real estate professional and to prosper in your business, it is essential for you to keep up with the ever-changing real estate industry with the influence of digital technology. Prosperna is the perfect tool for you to advance and enhance your chances for real estate success.

Undeniably, there are a wide variety of tech tools, new software, and apps being developed and are now being used by real estate professionals to make their work easier and more effective.

Ever wonder what other tech tools work well with real estate apps such as the Prosperna app?

Here’s our list of 5 cool real estate tech tools that can do just that.


1. Matterport 3D Technology

Matterport is one of the coolest technologies that provides 3D virtual tours. Matterport helps real estate professionals to do interactive 3D walkthroughs and have virtual reality experiences. It would be like being in the actual place or property, which makes it really cool!

The Matterport app improves the content of your property listings with interactive floor plans, 3D photography, and much more. With the Matterport 3D, you just have to capture data or imagery, upload and view your creation, and lastly, experience and share your 3D models. You can then, engage your clients in the interactive 3D spaces that you have created with the help of Matterport.


2. Chibot VR

Chibot VR is an immersive technology developed in the Philippines. With Chibot, real estate professionals can engage their customers to have virtual reality experiences of their pre-built properties, such as a house, condominium unit or apartment. The visualizations from Chibot virtual reality would look much more convincing and impressive than just looking at an artist’s image rendering in a leaflet, don’t you think?


3. Magicplan

Magicplan is one of the best mobile apps used for quickly creating floor plans. It digitally creates floor plans and furnishes rooms. It is pretty easy to use because you simply use the camera of your mobile device to create the floor plan. Just take pictures of each room and corner, and then walk along the walls to get the measurements. You can also furnish the floor plans by inserting images of objects such as furniture, doors, and appliances. There is no need to manually measure and draw the floor plans, which makes this app a good option for people who are less adept at drawing and creating floor plans.


4. RoomScan Pro

RoomScan Pro by Locometric is another app that helps create floor plans and allows you to use a mobile device to create a floor plan of an entire room in just a minute. With its wall touch feature, you just have to hold a mobile device up against a wall and it will scan the perimeter of a room. It works even when the room is dimly lit or even when you can’t see the floor. RoomScan Pro’s functionality to map the entire floor plan of the home makes it one of the best tech tools that people use to generate floor plans. Check out the video tutorial on how the app works.


5. BoxBrownie

BoxBrownie is a software for real estate business that is mainly used for designing a room layout. BoxBrownie offers a range of retouching services such as photo enhancement, item removal, virtual staging, virtual renovation, day to dusk photo editing, CGI renders, floor plans, and background removal to give a professional look to your real estate photos.

So you might ask, how exactly do these real estate tech tools go well with the Prosperna app? BoxBrownie specifically helps to enhance images of room layouts. Magicplan and RoomScan Pro, on the other hand, are two of the best real estate apps that generate floor plans, which you can include in your property listings and professional real estate website.

Matterport can improve property listings with 3D photography and interactive floor plans, while Chibot VR is an immersive tech tool that helps give customers virtual reality experiences of the listed properties.

When you make your landing pages and your real estate website aesthetically-pleasing and interactive by using the Prosperna app and these cool tech tools, you have a greater chance of having real estate success.

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