The real estate business in the Philippines has continually boomed over the past 5 years, either on the high-rise condominiums within the busy central business districts or on the subdivisions being built in each province of the countryside. As real estate markets like the Philippines start to get active and attract more buyers, there are more people interested to learn the business, know its pros and cons, understand its purpose and pricing to perhaps acquire their own home for personal use or as an investment.

But as each year passes, or even as every month goes by, there are certain details and significant market trends that happen that you’ve got to be aware of in order to ride with the fast-changing market of the business.

Here’s a quick summary of the TOP PHILIPPINE REAL ESTATE MARKET TRENDS IN THE PHILIPPINES that every consumer, agent, broker and developer should know:

1. Rental for condominiums would remain challenging all over Metro Manila

As more and more condominiums in Manila continue to be built, the available inventory and supply of rentals continues to grow making it rentals a challenge. To create more owner occupied scenarios, developers are seeking opportunities in other tier 2 and tier 3 regions. For high rise condominiums in tier 1 areas, you should be more ready to invest and focus on effective marketing strategies in order to gain your slot in your local market for good yields.

2. Warehousing and logistics driven by the rise of e-commerce

In the past, Metro Manila was been tightly and securely occupied by different logistics and warehousing businesses. Then, there was a period of time when warehouses started to decline as the demand for land rose due to the increasing demand for residential and commercial areas. Also, some warehousing areas are being relocated to the Central and Northern Luzon. All of which resulting in high occupancy rates of up to 98%. In this case, the idea for investors to seek investments in the warehousing market instead of residential could drive higher pricing due to higher demand with possible less supply.

3. More industrial park developers choose North and South Luzon as their perspective locations.

As more businesses, especially manufacturing companies, are rising in the north and south of Luzon, this has created more real estate opportunities in those provinces. For example, Double Dragon, Ayala and Filinvest have all made significant investments in industrial parks in Pangasinan, Porac and Clark’s Green City. These industrial developments being created currently in the provinces has already occupied a large area in the suburbs, ranging from 31 to 100-hectare industrial estate areas.

4. Townships in the provinces has continuously increased.

As more businesses and job opportunities rise in the province, this has been also the target location of many housing investors in building their subdivisions. More villages are being improved for residential and retail shopping centers. This directly gives more business income to those provinces and inevitably tends to create the possibile continuous rise and target of real estate businesses. Key growth regions are Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, Pampanga, Cebu, and Davao.

5. Fast rise of flexible workplace in Metro Manila

In Manila, there is approximately around 2.15 million square feet that offers flexible spaces for offices. Usual locators of such offices are freelancers, law firms and start up companies. In this case, as time passes by, flexibility for such spaces are being demanded and required by those companies, and at this era and time, this is what is being studied and looked forward to by business and real estate investors alike.

Real estate, either for retail, corporate, residential and eCommerce, has been very active and is a top growing corporate strategy to increase earnings. All of which may create sharp pricing effects. Stay tuned to more Philippine real estate market trends of such to help you make the best investment and buy/sell moves.

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