It was indeed a night of surprises. Everyone in attendance is at awe on how technological advancements can seamlessly synergize with the Real Estate industry upon the unveiling of Prosperna 2.0 CRM. While everybody is still abuzz about this power-packed Prosperna CRM, one final surprise was unleashed — the announcement of Prosperna’s “Broker of the Year” award.

Surprised is an understatement in describing how Ms. Lyra Sanchez of Lyra Sanchez Realty felt when she was called on stage and handed the “Broker of the Year” award from Prosperna, the only web & mobile CRM platform that aims to help real estate professionals sell faster, smarter, & build better relationships. She expressed her gratitude as she received her award from Prosperna’s CEO, Dennis Velasco, during “The Real Estate Technology Revolution” event, which was hosted by Prosperna and co-presented by C Estates, Inc, a property listing using blockchain technology. The event, which focused mainly on empowering real estate professionals on the advancements in digital technology that can transform the real estate industry, was held at The Social House on Riverfront Drive, in Circuit Makati, on March 12, 2019.

Recognition was given to the real estate broker who has met the criteria set by Prosperna.

So, how did Ms. Lyra Sanchez of Lyra Sanchez Realty bag the “Prosperna Broker of the Year” award?

Ms. Lyra Sanchez and her brokerage firm, Lyra Sanchez Realty, has been loyally subscribing and using Prosperna since the early days of Prosperna’s creation. She acts as a role model for the real estate broker community and goes above and beyond the call of duty to give quality and professional service with top-notch integrity to clients. She also possesses good technical knowledge about the real estate industry as a “local” expert in her neighborhood area of BF Resort Village, Las Piñas City. With how she uses the Prosperna app, her online presence and the growth of her business, Ms. Lyra was able to impress the Prosperna team. Her excitement and enthusiasm for enhancing her business with the help of digital technology are an integral part of why she won.

Aside from her work ethic and professionalism as evidenced through her regular interactions with the Prosperna team, she maximizes the potential of Prosperna to increase the sales of her brokerage. Ms. Lyra works efficiently together with the Prosperna team to successfully meet set goals and fosters teamwork through constant communication and cooperation.

The award was just a clear indication of the good working relationship and a solid partnership that has already been built between Ms. Lyra Sanchez and Prosperna. The “Broker of the Year” award will serve as an inspiration for other brokerage companies to persevere, to work with fervor, and to continually seek innovative ways in using technology to grow their business.

Here’s to more awards and many more great years in the business using the revolutionary real estate Prosperna 2.0 CRM app… Congrats, Ms. Lyra!

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