No matter what size your real estate business is, it is essential for you to build your brand and maintain an online presence. If you want to sell real estate properties, you need to gain clients, and for that to happen, you must make yourself stand out. Make yourself visible online!!

One way to promote your business online and to make your brand known is by building your own professional website.

Some people might say: “Build my own website? But, I don’t have the necessary web design knowledge!”

Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the required knowledge and skills to design your own website. You can actually create a website with the help of website builders.

Oh yes! Thank goodness for easy-to-use website tools! There is no need for us to deal with manual codes. Using website builders is the best and easiest way to build a real estate website.

The question now is…  which real estate website builder is best for you?

Before choosing the most suitable website builder for you, we recommend that you, first, determine what you want to do with your website. What are your goals and what features would you like your website to have? Will it have a photo gallery, property listings, contact form, blog section, and other features?

Uncertain of what you want for your website? Then, check out the websites of other real estate professionals for inspiration.

You need to make sure that the real estate website builder you choose is flexible enough to handle all your needs as your business grows. You need to consider if you can adjust your website accordingly.

Another thing to consider when choosing the best real estate website builder for you is to check how much it would cost to help you create a fully functioning real estate website.

Let’s now have a look at website builders that can help you create your professional real estate website.


Wix is probably the most popular website builder, which can be used by any regular person without web design knowledge to create real estate websites with full features.

With Wix, you can choose from a variety of property templates, and a wide array of design customization tools. Here are some of the advantages of this website builder:

  • This website builder has Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), which designs a one-of-a-kind website for you.
  • There is a Simple Real Estate App available in the Wix App Market, and this free application allows visitors of the website to view the available property listings, which is reflected on an organized web page.
  • Wix has a selection of customizable mobile-ready real estate thematic templates.
  • For the effectiveness of search optimization of the website, Wix has this functional feature called, SEO Wiz.
  • In terms of pricing, Wix is a moderately-priced website tool. It offers one free plan and five paid subscriptions.

You can create an impressive website with free web hosting using Wix, but can also choose to upgrade to their Premium Plans, which would give you more features and benefits.


Why should you use WordPress for your website? What sets it apart from other real estate website builders?

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System (CMS), a software that enables organizing, creating, and publishing of content. It lets you easily design and publish your content on the website. Here are some of its good points:

  • With WordPress being a free software, you are free to install, download, and change it according to your needs.
  • Most of the people using WordPress are not really that skilled in web designing and programming. WordPress is the perfect solution for you if you don’t have knowledge of designing websites because there are loads of free website templates that you can choose from. WordPress is easy to personalize with real estate plugins and themes. You can choose any of the WordPress plugins such as Estatik, Real Estate Pro, IMPress Listings, Easy Property Listings, WP Amortization Calculator, Appointment Booking Calendar, WPL Real Estate, WP-Property, and Essential Real Estate, to launch your real estate website.
  • WordPress has a built-in updates management system, which would let you update your plugins and themes using your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • This website builder can handle different media types such as video, images, and audio files. With WordPress, you can embed Instagram photos, YouTube videos, and Tweets by pasting the URL address of the file in WordPress’ post editor.

You can start creating your website using WordPress for free, but just like Wix, you can upgrade your WordPress plan for added benefits and features.


This is an easy-to-use specialized real estate website builder with a system that allows CRM access, a set of marketing tools, and mobile-friendly templates. Here are the advantages of this website builder:


  • It is quite inexpensive for basic websites.
  • Placester has an integrated CRM. It tracks and monitors the leads, activities of the customers, engagement, interaction, and other important variables.
  • With Placester you can integrate IDX (Internet Data Exchange)/ MLS (Multiple Listing Service) into your own website, which allows you to provide property data, listings, and photos straight from the source.
  • Placester has a collection of real estate templates to fit the user’s needs and preferences.
  • This website builder has email marketing tools that allow the user to send a set of marketing emails automatically at a given schedule to generate new leads. 

There’s no free plan in Placester, but it offers two types of paid subscriptions. Placester is not really a cheap real estate website builder, but using this will help increase engagement and capture buyer and seller leads, so it is well worth it, especially to real estate professionals.


This real estate website builder is a great choice for start-up companies, entrepreneurs, and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). Weebly is easy to use and has the basic tools necessary to build a functional real estate website. It offers a varied selection of templates.
Users of all skill levels can quickly build functional and presentable websites by using Weebly. Here are just some of its good points:


  • This is best for small businesses.
  • Weebly has a cool collection of mobile-responsive themed templates. Cool customizable templates. Compared to Wix, Weebly allows you to change between different themes, customize the website using HTML and CSS, and download the code of your website.
  • Weebly provides helpful SEO guides. You can find a lot of useful tips on how to increase your site’s ranking on search engines such as Google, in Weebly’s help and support center.

You can make a basic website for free using Weebly. If you want to upgrade and add more features to improve your website to capture more new leads, you can choose your preferred Weebly Plan.


Why choose Prosperna for your website?

Prosperna would be perfect for all types of real estate businesses here in the Philippines, no matter the size. It is the first and only CRM platform made for and priced for the Southeast Asia and Australian market. Here are Prosperna’s good points:

  • With Prosperna, which is completely integrated with Prosperna’s CRM, you can have your own real estate listing website. Having your own website will eventually improve your online presence.
  • Your website will be personalized and branded, and every aspect of your website design will be created to boost your sales.
  • Prosperna will help create a website that is mobile-responsive because customers and will most likely be mobile. You will get more customers when you go mobile, so it is essential that your website is mobile-friendly.
  • With Prosperna websites and their easy point ‘n’ click administration panel, you will get to personalize, change, and create new pages, even without experience in codes and programming.
  • Prosperna offers unlimited small fixes, hosting and security. Prosperna’s accommodating support team will help you if you need to modify your property listings or need help with any concerns regarding your website.

Make your business and brand visible online by using Prosperna to create a real estate website. It is affordable and it is the first and only resource designed to guide and help real estate professionals in the Philippines to go beyond their full potential. Check out how much it would cost you to create a website using Prosperna, and book a FREE DEMO.

Your options for choosing the best real estate website builder for your business are endless. Creating a fully-functional and professional website has never been easier. Features such as drag and drop options make it much simpler for you to make your online presence known. Easy as 1-2-3!!!

Do you already have your own website to help you grow your business?

If not, then now is the right time to create your own professional website. Find a real estate website builder that would fit your needs and would help you boost your business.

Technology Evangelist super passionate about helping the industries of eCommerce, SMEs and real estate in the Philippines reach new levels of success.