Are you looking for a place to buy or rent?

Aside from searching the classifieds or any type of print media and then calling up the advertised places to ask if they are still available, or contacting listing agents for properties on sale, you can choose to do your research in the comforts of your own home or inside your office.

Exactly how would you do that? Well, simply go online and visit websites with real estate property listings!

Researching is made easy and much more convenient because of websites with property listings. Just search online, click, browse, and choose your preferred property.

Here are very helpful sites with real estate property listings:

1. Lamudi

Lamudi is an online real estate marketplace that offers sellers, buyers, and renters a simple platform to search or list real estate properties online. It operates in several parts of Africa, Latin America, and Asia including the Philippines. With Lamudi, you can directly filter your search and find properties for sale or for rent. For Sellers, you can upload and oversee your properties very easily.

Lamudi also has a mobile app that targets mobile-users and has a blog page on their site, where articles relating to real estate can be found.

2. Property24

Property24 is an online real estate property portal that operates in the Philippines and South Africa. This website allows sellers, buyers, and renters to make a search, and for real estate brokers, real estate agencies or real estate developers to add their property listing. Navigation of the site and their mobile app is quite easy. They produce articles for the latest real estate news and useful tips, and they even offer real estate tools such as a loan calculator to aid the visitor in computing for a home loan.

3. ZipMatch

Searching for an ideal property in the Philippines? Use ZipMatch and you might find the home of your dreams. The website offers fresh listings from house and lots, condominiums, and townhouses, and features top developers in the country. At ZipMatch, you can see property reviews, 3D unit layouts of properties, and do online tours.

4. OLX Philippines

One of the most popular marketplace websites offering real estate property listings is, the biggest buy and sell community in the country. You can easily search for properties that are for sale or for rent.

5. My Property PH is an online real estate classified in the Philippines that provides property buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals with information about available properties in the country. On the website, you can make a specific search by entering the location of your desired property, the name of the project, or the developer in the search field. The website also provides articles with updated information related to real estate through their journals. You won’t have a difficult time making a search because it is easy to navigate and orderly.

6. Property Finder PH

With Property Finder PH, you can search multiple real estate property listings of residences, condominium units for rent, and find apartments, townhouses, house and lots for sale. Aside from the latest listings, you can find featured agents and properties, and you can read new articles related to real estate. To check Property Finder PH’s reliability, you can read up on client testimonials, with positive feedback on how effective and helpful the website is to real estate professionals.

7. Hoppler

Hoppler is a great way to connect real estate brokers and agents with property buyers. It is a one-stop-shop for all the needs of real estate professionals and buyers. Aside from the listings of popular locations and properties for sale and for rent, as well as properties for pre-selling, you can also find helpful guides for various neighborhoods in the Philippines. There is a step by step help guide for brokers and property owners who want to list their properties, and a “buy vs. rent” calculator for buyers.

You are guaranteed that the website will help you with your property needs. Do you want some proof? Well, you can just read up on Hoppler Stories, where satisfied customers share their success stories with the help of Hoppler.

8. Pinnacle PH

Pinnacle PH provides listings of properties for sale & for rent in the Philippines. The website is quite easy to navigate and searching for your desired property won’t be difficult. You can find featured properties, popular listings, news articles and research publications about real estate, and client testimonials to prove how effective the website is. Pinnacle PH offers different services for sales leasing and marketing, property management and services, research and consulting, asset management, and property appraisal. You can rest assured that Pinnacle PH will give you the best services with regards to your real estate needs, because of their positive feedback from clients, as well as affiliations with legit companies and associations.

9. HomeTivo

HomeTivo is the latest property listing right now that’s integrated to Prosperna. What’s special about HomeTivo is it gets the customer behavior based on demographics, hobbies and wants to provide the project listing for the customer. This listing platform showcases different listings such as preselling, for-sale and for-rent projects. With the right customer information, HomeTivo provides the best-suited home for you and your family.

For you to find the best real estate property listings in the Philippines, all you have to do is to explore and research well. For property buyers, you most definitely need to have a clear idea of what property you are searching for – the type of property, the location, and your budget for buying or leasing. With these in mind, searching for properties listed in real estate websites will be a breeze.

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