If you were really honest, you’d agree with me that the majority of the real estate agents in the Philippines don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to using Facebook to generate leads.

And, you’d agree with me that many real estate agents like you probably aren’t getting the level of results that they want.

If you were, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Good news though!

There are over 2.13 billion active Facebook users as of the last quarter of 2017 (source: Facebook 1/31/18).

If done right, you can grow your real estate business with Facebook.

The number 1 question, real estate agents in the Philippines ask is:

“How do I effectively use Facebook to generate Philippine real estate leads?”

Let’s talk about our…

Ultimate Facebook Guide and 4 Ways to Use Facebook to Generate Philippines Real Estate Leads

1. Your Story = Your Brand

The information, the images and how you present them are SUPER important.

Why do many real estate agents get this wrong?

You gotta take the time to put your marketing hat on and think about what would someone want to know if they’re gonna give you PhP 4 million?

It’s a great chance for you to provide up to date and concise information about yourself. It’s basically a digital business card that you can easily distribute to billions of people. Why not use this is an opportunity for you to provide information about who you are, what type of real estate services you provide, and why you’re different from your competition!

Here’s some specific things you should do:
– Profile Image: Use a profile image (headshot) in Facebook that people can easily recognize you on and that’s similar to your other social media sites. Don’t make it hard for people to recognize if that’s you or not.

– Business Contact Info: Insert ACCURATE contact information so that it’s easy for people to contact you. There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to get information from someone about a product and service and they aren’t reachable.

– About You: If you want to do business with people that you may not know yet AND, if you want to find them on Facebook, don’t be shy. You’ve got to be open and willing enough to tell people about you. Use ALL the sections in the About You section of your profile to tell people about yourself.

– Other Social Media Sites: Your brand is NOT just on Facebook alone. People do what I call “digital background checks” on people that they will potentially do business with. So, make a good profile on other social media sites like LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.

– Logo or not? Most of you are using a “personal” Facebook page for your real estate business use and that’s fine (of course it’s best to have both a personal and business Facebook page). To use your personal Facebook page for both personal and business use, I suggest that you use a cover image that reflects a little more personal information about you. Perhaps include you and your family’s favorite vacation picture. If you don’t have a family, use a respectable picture with your friends. And, use a photo editor and insert a small rectangle box in the upper right or left-hand corner and insert your logo, if you have one, and your contact information.

– Color: Create a consistent color scheme across all your social media sites so that people can easily and quickly recognize you.

2. Commitment to Content

As a company that focuses on real estate software and digital marketing for agents, brokers and developers in the Philippines, we see it all too often; agents and companies take a half-hazzard approach to their social media efforts.

They don’t have any idea on who their target audience is.

They haven’t considered the types of topics/questions that their target audience has or needs/wants answers on.

They only post here and there.

The flow of their chosen content doesn’t match the buyer journey.
To be successful, here’s some specific things you should do:

– Be Consistent: Good personal relationships take a consistent amount of investment of time. If you think about it, your best friend didn’t become your best friend over night. Good relationships on social media work the same way. So, post content on a consistent basis.

– Schedule: Just like a successful fitness or diet routine, create a schedule that organizes the topic and date every week that you’ll share so that your audience of followers will get to know what to expect from you.

Here’s a few topics that you can post about for Facebook Lead Generation:

  • Home seller tips
  • Home buyer tips
  • Real estate economic trends
  • Your BLOG posts!
  • Your peers’ blog posts!
  • Things specific to your local area
  • Tips for homeowners
  • Real Estate advice in general
  • Home décor
  • Holiday and seasonal posts
  • Quotes about business, life, real estate, home ownership, leadership, motivational…(you get my point?)
  • Mortgage tips and advice

And the list can go on, and on.

3. Sell Through Education

When you post on Facebook, what do you post about?

As mentioned above, there’s dozens of helpful tips and information you can post about.

Do you find yourself only posting about your listings or open houses?

If so, that’s one of the top reasons why people won’t like your page, circle you or follow you.


Because you’re basically SPAMMING!

And in fact, people will probably avoid you! 🙂

While each social network has a different atmosphere, the idea of posting quality, relevant and USEFUL content on a consistent basis. The core RULE OF THUMB falls back on the 80/20 RULE. Give useful and educational content 80% of the time and self-promote/sell your products/services only 20% of the time.

In order to sell real estate consistently and successfully, you should understand the buyer’s journey and what they think.

4. Engagement

It’s important that you proactively participate and spark dialogue with your readers, peers, customers, friends, supporters or even strangers in other networks/forums/circles. You can even find possible buyers or sellers through engagement. Through Facebook, you can possibly generate Philippine real estate leads.

I would be willing to bet that most of you are follow the “post and pray” Realtor method.

You don’t want to be a post and pray agent.

Simply posting something to your social networks is not enough, not even close!

I wouldn’t even call that Social Media Marketing or Facebook Lead Generation.

How you interact with and respond to the activity on your page will simply MAKE OR BREAK YOUR PIPELINE.

Here’s a few examples of what you should do:

  • Check notifications
  • Respond to comments
  • Seek out new prospects to follow (like, circle, invite to connect) in your industry and target audience
  • Visit the pages/accounts of those that visited yours and interact with them
  • Retweet others
  • Share other people’s content
  • Respond to messages in a timely manner

Follow these 4 Ways to Use Facebook for Real Estate, and you’re on your way to success!

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