When your website or real estate landing pages are not generating real estate leads, then something is definitely amiss. That means you need to make the necessary changes to your marketing tool. What use are your landing pages and website if these do not actively generate leads?

Why is it even important for your website and landing pages to generate leads?

Simply put:

Generating leads is very much essential because your leads turn into a conversion, which would, in turn, become a sales profit. Really important, don’t you think? Especially for real estate professionals who rely on sales revenue from clients.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the common reasons why your real estate landing pages and website do not generate leads.

    1. Unclear call to action
      One of the reasons why a website or landing page isn’t generating leads is because of unclear call to action buttons. If the landing page or website’s call to action button is not clear or eye-catching, visitors of the site would most likely leave the page.Your call to action button on the landing page or website helps to move visitors towards a conversion rate. Therefore, your CTA should capture the attention of the visitor. Just keep it visible. Make it prominent to garner more clicks, because every single click is a possible lead.
    2. Not enough traffic
      It is simple logic:
      When there is not enough website traffic, then you will not generate enough leads. If there are only a few visitors clicking on your website or landing pages, then your chances of turning them into qualified leads become less, as well.

      A surefire way of increasing traffic is by using relevant keywords for your business that would help your audience discover you online. When you include keywords in your website and content, visitors will easily be able to search your website.

      Another way to boost your leads is by creating compelling blog content and adding appropriate videos to your website. Just imagine if people are compelled by a blog or video on your website, become frequent visitors of the website because they are actually interested in your products, and even share the blog content on other social media platforms. This will surely increase the traffic to your website.

    3. The real estate landing pages or website does not offer anything to the visitors
      Are you familiar with the concept of giving and receiving?Some people say that when you give, you will receive, and your gift will return to you in full. This may be an apt concept when managing a website that would generate leads. You have to give something to the visitors to be able to receive something from them. What can you actually give them? Well, a simple option is by offering information through your website’s blog content. Share some valuable knowledge. Educate. Give relevant information that would interest the visitors.

      They say, “give and you will receive”. We know what we can offer to them, but what can we receive from the visitors? Aside from potentially good sales, you can receive trust and loyalty from your visitors. Building trust and good rapport with your visitors can eventually help you generate leads.

    4. The landing pages or website looks lame and unprofessional
      A landing page or website should be able to capture attention. Looks do matter, especially in the sales and marketing industry. You are basically selling yourself and your business thru the website and so a professional appearance is of utmost importance. A landing page or website that is pleasant-looking attracts visitors, which would mean more possible leads.
    5. The landing page or website is not mobile-responsive
      Making your website mobile-friendly is not an option, but a necessity, especially nowadays when almost everyone uses a mobile device to check on websites. Be sure to make it easy to view your site on mobile devices, because naturally, if they can’t view your landing page and website or they find it difficult to navigate the site on a mobile device, then they will visit someone else’s website.
    6. Loading of your real estate landing pages or website is slowEver had the experience of waiting for a landing page or website to load, and after a few seconds, the site still does not appear? Frustrating, isn’t it?

      When your landing page or website does not immediately load, the visitors are more than likely to leave your site and move on to the next. The loading speed of the website is a major factor when people are browsing the internet. You might as well say “Bye Bye” to your possible leads if your site’s loading speed is as slow as a turtle.

    7. You don’t update your property listingsDo you update your listings as often as possible? If not, then many people won’t bother to browse your website, and your current clients may no longer continue to trust and rely on your website for helpful real estate information. A website that is not updated with the latest listings does not generate leads.
    8. Web forms are too longImagine visiting a landing page or website and trying to fill out a form that is too long and is asking for so many details. Would you take your sweet time to part with your valuable details?

      Well, most people would probably leave the page as soon as they see the web form to be filled out.

      So what must you do to keep your visitors and make them answer your web form?

      Stick to the essentials. Ask for just a few details and collect only the most vital information. Leave out unnecessary or irrelevant information. Just ask for more information after you have already built trust with the potential lead.

      Because a web form is a good tool to capture leads, it is quite imperative to make your forms clear and concise.

    9. Too many interruptions Are you familiar with autoplaying videos that suddenly pop-up when you open a webpage? Don’t you find it annoying when pop-up ads keep on appearing when you are browsing a website?

      Although pop-up ads and autoplaying videos may be a way to generate leads, you can’t deny the fact that most visitors find these interruptions very annoying and they give such a negative impression to most people. Instead of gaining more website visitors, who can turn to potential leads, you may run the risk of losing current clients, too. So, steer clear of these interruptions.

Just a quick tip on how to generate leads using your real estate landing pages and website…

Researching goes a very long way. Research about ways on how to generate leads, and if all else fails, research about your competitors. How do they do it? What makes their real estate landing pages and website work for them?

Don’t you worry. Looking at what works for your competitors doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be copying your competitors. Just get ideas and use your learnings about your competitors to improve on your landing pages and website.

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