If you’re in Real Estate sales in the Philippines, there’s 2 things that we can all agree on:

 #1 The hardest part of the job is prospecting and being able to constantly generate new leads.

 #2 The best leads come from the relationships you’ve “already” built.

If you wanna be great at #1 and #2 above then you’ve got to commit to email marketing.

Why is real estate email marketing important?

  1. It can be used thoughtfully to build loyalty and trust in your brand
  2. You get a chance to speak directly to your prospects and clients in their email
  3. Your message is there with them to view when it’s convenient for them

Here’s several REAL ESTATE SPECIFIC FACTS from Smart Insights in 2017 that prove email marketing works:

  • Average Total Open Rates = 15.8%
  • Average Mobile Open Rates = 53.0%
  • Average Click-to-Open Rates = 6.71%

So, if you sent out 100 emails in one day, it’s possible that up to 53 of your prospects would see your message and that up to 4 of them would click on your message.

Now, sending 100 emails one-by-one manually could be time consuming however it would probably still be faster than talking to 53 prospects.

What if you had a way to send personalized mass emails?

This would take you less than 10 minutes.

That would be a game-changer!!!

So, how do you write an effective email campaign?


STEP 1: Identify Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is always STEP 1! Specifically, you should identify:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Location
  • Marital Status
  • # of Dependants
  • Income
  • New or Existing Customer

By knowing this, you’ll be able to identify the next steps of your email marketing campaign.

STEP 2: Define Your Goals

Any successful marketing plan begins with goal setting. This goes the same for real estate email marketing. Here are a few samples of goals specifically for real estate agents brokers and developers:

  • Set up appointments for inbound inquiries
  • Generate leads from cold prospects
  • Nurture existing clients

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STEP 3: Choose the Right Email Type

Next, choose from the different types of emails that aligns to your goals.

The 3 most basic types of emails are:

  • Sales Promotion: These emails communicate sales and offers that promote your product
  • Relationship Building: These emails educate subscribers to create awareness through newsletters, blogs or relevant and useful information
  • Transactional: These are automated response emails typically triggered by a subscribers’ actions like subscriber signup confirmations, welcome messages or order confirmations and acknowledgements

STEP 4: Select the Right Technology

Are you gonna send your emails one-by-one manually?

Or, do you plan to use mass email marketing tools to make your campaign more successful and more personalized?

If you choose to send your emails manually, here’s a couple tips:

  • Make sure you use the BCC feature so that prospects don’t see each other’s contact information
  • Create templates of your email messages and identify the sequence of when and how often you’ll send

If you plan to use mass email marketing technology, some of the features to look for are:

  • Platforms with existing industry specific email templates to get you started fast
  • Ability to create and save your custom email templates that can be reused
  • Ways to segment your audience based on where they are on their buyer journey
  • Ability to send personalized emails to hundreds and thousands of contacts with 3 clicks or less
  • Pre-integrated landing pages to boost conversions
  • Analytics to measure the success of your email campaigns

STEP 5: Plan Emails and Your Follow-up Sequence

Based on your decision to use technology or sending manually, you’ll know how much planning and documentation you need to do.

Obviously, without an email marketing automation software for real estate, you’ll have to do more work in planning and documentation.

To properly plan, I suggest you create an outline that looks something like this if you were going to create an email campaign for “Inbound” Leads from your Lamudi ads:

Email # Subject Purpose # of Days Between
1 Your question about <INSERT PROPERTY NAME> Setup Appointment 0
2 Reminder – Your question about <INSERT PROPERTY NAME> Reminder 1
3 Follow up – Your question about <INSERT PROPERTY NAME> Follow up 2
4 Last attempt – Your question about <INSERT PROPERTY NAME> Last Chance 5
5 [Research] <INSERT AREA> real estate ROI increases Nurture 1 7
6 [Newsletter] What’s New in Philippine Real Estate Nurture 2 7

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STEP 6: Write Your Subject Line

Beyond the sample subject lines I provided above, the next best step is to write down your subject line ideas for each email before you start writing the full email content.

TIP: The shorter the subject line, the better, so that it can completely show up on mobile devices. As a guide to measure against, most subject lines vary between 40 to 50 characters.

Here’s a couple ideas to improve your subject lines:

  • WIIFU: This is an acronym that stands for, “What’s in it for you”. Tell the person you’re sending the email, what they will get if they open your email.
  • Personalize it by starting the subject line with their first name.

STEP 7: Write Your Email Copy

Now it’s time to start writing.

Here’s some tips to improve your email copy:

  • Personalize it by addressing them with their first name
  • Keep it short
  • Avoid pitching your offer too early – get people comfortable first
  • Provide something of value and relevance that educates them
  • Craft a personal story
  • Insert a “Call-to-Action” (CTA) – this is something that you can mention a couple times within the email. The best CTA’s are short and clearly communicated.

STEP 8: Test, Measure & Iterate

After you’ve completed the steps above, always send a test email to yourself or a trusted prospect/client that will give you honest feedback.

You’ll also want to measure the following:

  • Number of email sends
  • Open rate
  • Click-thru-rate
  • Number of email bounces
  • Number of unsubscribes

There you go! Now you’re ready to run a successful email marketing campaign for real estate.

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