As important it is to have your own real estate website, there’s no doubt that Facebook remains to be a valuable tool for marketing and selling real estate.

In your website, you can have your very own listing page but most of your prospects are usually redirected there from social media; and as the heaviest platform, Filipinos can be easily reached through Facebook.

For some real estate professionals, they often resort to paid subscriptions in listing websites like Lamudi, but you can actually list your properties up on Facebook for FREE!

Who doesn’t enjoy an easy service and not having to pay for anything?

Thanks to Facebook’s Marketplace, you can upload your listings and have your seller information linked, so potential buyers can contact you.


Yes, anybody who wants to sell can use Facebook to do it, but to what extent?

Are you not violating any laws? Are you doing it right?

Technically, you can do whatever what you want without violating Facebook’s policies, but are you using effective methods when posting your Philippine Real Estate Listing on Facebook?

Enough questions, you must be looking for the answers.

From the basics to specifics, here are 7 tips to help you.


In our previous blog, we talked about the best practices to create a Philippine Real Estate Facebook Page; and our first point is about using Facebook Business and not Personal Profile. This is done to separate your professional and private platforms. Your buyers are interested to know whether you’re a reliable and trustworthy seller, not your favorite memes and selfies. Make sure to keep your information up to date and stay active in posting relevant content to help promote your page.


This is where you have to consider your potential buyers or which demographic you want to cater to; What do you think is a priority? Property type, location or number of rooms are usually popular keywords that people search for in property hunting.

For Facebook, keep the name within 100 characters.

Here are 3 format examples you can use:

  • # Of Bedrooms/Storeys – Property Type – City
  • House Model – Developer Name – City
  • Purpose (For Sale/Rent/Vacation/RFO/Pre-Selling/Foreclosure) – Property Type/Name – Popular Landmark

Please, please don’t put the price on your listing name. What’s the point of the pricing portion, then?

And don’t use informal language like writing “thru” instead of “through” or “4” when you mean to say “for.” Just don’t.


If it’s a million pesos, then say it’s a million pesos.

Don’t be that seller who puts 5 pesos so that they will appear first on the lowest price in the listing, only to find out later that they have been misled. Way to ruin your reputation and the buyer’s trust.

If you can’t give an exact figure, due to taxes and other fees, give a range and in the correct currency. Nobody wants sketchy listings.

As for payment terms, the more options, the better. At the very least, use platforms of payment that is safe and secure for big financial transactions. It’s for you and your buyer’s best interest.


If you can give the complete address, as well as how to get their through different modes of transport, you are inviting buyers to come over and view the property.

This will encourage prospects that the property is accessible and ideal for purchase.

Talk about the nearby facilities such as landmarks or nearby stores, hospitals, schools and other conveniences in the area. Usually, the more developed an area is, the more likely prospects want to be around that area.


Just like content SEO (search engine optimization), using the correct keywords increases the chances of appearing on the first page of the Facebook Marketplace results. So for real estate, the category home sales should do it since there is yet to be a category for commercial properties.

In the description or listing name, be specific with the category of your property, whether commercial or residential, down to the type of structure (house, apartment, condominium).

For added details, provide the size of your property listing. Follow the format used in your country, so it could be square-meters or square-feet. Make it detailed from overall floor space, down to every room for the prospect’s convenience. Lastly mention the quantity, as well as the room type, to give the prospects an idea on the proportions of the property.


In addition to the description portion, there are other information that prospective buyers are interested to know about your property listing such as the year built, amenities and contact details.

Let the prospects know the age of your property. Newer properties are usually more expensive but well-built structures that stood the test of time can also be competitive in the market.

You can also talk about the availability of fiber internet, electric plug-types, room for expansion and whether there’s built-in bathtubs or wash-and-dryer combos included in the unit.

While there is a portion for the seller’s profile, you can also put a link to your landing page on the description. Let your prospects reach you anytime and anywhere. Give your mobile number, telephone landline and business emails.

To make letting your leads know where to reach you easier, why not use a software that allows you to easily send texts and email blasts?


One of my biggest pet peeves in real estate are people who think that any picture will do for their listing.

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone can afford professional real estate photography on each and every property, but all it takes is a little bit of effort.

Be sure to get all the relevant angles of the house, as well as clear photos of every room in natural light. Doing this alone can increase your chances of prospect retention and positive customer reviews.

No need to spend on expensive equipment, unless you want to, then we highly recommend it.


Having good habits when posting your Philippine Real Estate Listing on Facebook should be a norm in managing your social media platforms. At Prosperna, we offer a FREE DEMO for real estate professionals on how to use technology, so they can sell smarter, faster and build better relationships. Book now!

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