At the present time, almost everything has a mobile application – from computer games, restaurants, food delivery, health apps, educational and business apps. Selling real estate is made simpler with the use of innovative mobile apps. These apps make the life of a real estate professional so much easier. Even those who are not tech-savvy would be able to use these mobile apps with ease and would appreciate their usefulness and relevance to their Philippine real estate marketing business.

Here are 6 basic real estate mobile apps you can use as a real estate professional:

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most essential apps used by many people who are always on-the-go.

How does this mobile app help real estate professionals?

Basically, this app can help you navigate the location of a specific property. You wouldn’t want to get lost while searching for properties, or when meeting clients, would you? Of course not!! You would want to be professional and be able to give accurate directions to your clients and arrive at the location without any problems. Google Maps is definitely the perfect tool for navigation.

Google Maps will provide you with the location map of your destination and will even give helpful suggestions on how to get to your location, either by car, by public transportation, and by walking. Aside from this mobile app, you can also use the Waze app, which provides real-time traffic and road info. Searching for specific places has never been easier!

2. Doc Scanner

With the Doc Scanner mobile app, you can scan important documents, such as contracts, titles, or property listings, and save it as PDF or as a JPEG file. This app will help you send files easily. Rather than doing the traditional way of photocopying each and every single document necessary in your real estate business, you can now use this app to scan your documents and save them on your laptop or any mobile devices.

3. PDF Reader

Why is the PDF Reader mobile app a must-have for real estate professionals?

This app is essential to have because with it you can review PDF files wherever you go. Aside from being able to view files, this app also allows you to highlight, make sticky notes on your files, fill up forms, and sign contracts by using the app’s editing tool.

4. Sign Easy

Sign Easy is a useful tool that will allow you to electronically sign documents or files from anywhere. If there is a need for clients to sign certain documents, you can just send the files online and have them sign and return them on any mobile device. It just isn’t practical anymore, in this day and age, to print documents, affix a signature, scan them, and send them back again. Good thing, there are a number of mobile apps just like Sign Easy to make the process easier and faster for you and your clients. Sign Easy is definitely the simplest way to get documents signed while on-the-go. This app will give you immediate results and will help you make your real estate transactions successful.

5. Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator is a convenient tool for real estate professionals that gives computations and estimates of the properties being sold. It calculates mortgage payments and any type of loans.

As a real estate professional, the Mortgage Calculator app will help you get an estimated monthly amortization of a certain property, and this will, then, help you choose the right property for your clients according to their needs and available budget. With the app’s estimated calculations, you would be able to determine if your client’s budget will allow them to purchase a property.

6. Dropbox/Google Drive

What makes Dropbox or Google Drive two of the best real estate apps to have on your mobile phone?

For one, it is absolutely free. You can learn how to use it quickly and it is really easy to use. Dropbox or Google Drive are the most important apps to have especially to real estate professionals who have many documents to store. They have a convenient way to save files in the cloud storage, which would make it accessible anywhere. You can retrieve files from any electronic devices such as computers, tablets, or phones. Your files will automatically sync via cloud across your devices whenever you make changes. You can even share your files via email.

It is a great platform to back up your documents. No need to worry that you might lose your files, even if somehow your mobile device or computer crashes. These apps are undoubtedly a great mobile app to have.

7. Prosperna

Prosperna is the leading Customer Relationship Management platform designed for real estate professionals aiming to sell faster, smarter and build better relationships.

It’s a place to store all of your client’s information from their birthdays to the date and time you met them to how often you send SMS or eMail to them. Plus, having all of your contacts inside one platform wherein you can do several marketing activities like eMail and SMS marketing blasts is a huge convenience for any real estate professionals out there. Prosperna now gives you the capability to do those on your mobile phone to cater on-the-go agents and brokers. That’s just some of the essential features of Prosperna has to offer. You can book a FREE DEMO here to know more.

Each of these mobile apps would be helpful in your Philippine real estate marketing business. Which of these mobile apps do you already have, and what other apps do you use as a real estate agent? If you haven’t installed these on your mobile device, then now is the right time!

Prosperna is the ONLY community and online sales productivity platform whose goal is to help real estate professionals in the Philippines reach their full potential. To know more of how we can help your real estate business, request for a FREE DEMO.

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