For my last 18 months, in the Philippines, I’ve been attending many meetups, training events on various topics, and conferences, etc. I’ve been doing this for many different reasons. Some of those reasons to learn, to network, to connect with real estate professionals or just out of curiosity. One thing I know for sure is that everyone I meet is so hungry and super passionate for success. I can just feel it. Over time though, I’ve got a chance to continue building those same relationships and some of the folks I’ve met are reaching and exceeding their own definition of success but the majority of others don’t seem to be getting the success that they want out of their real estate business or life for that matter.

Now, I’m not claiming to be a mind reader, but again, I can just feel and see it based on their attitude and behavior.

So, what is it about the most successful people that make them so amazing?

For me, the most successful people I’ve met aren’t just the richest but are the ones that are the MOST FULFILLED. Yeah sure, money does make things easier but you can’t just wait for money or procrastinate on your next steps and goals until you get the time or money that you need to go for it.

If you wait, nothing will happen.

On the flipside, I’ve also met people who seemed successful on the outside but are missing something on the inside. And that’s where FULFILLMENT comes in. Fulfillment is that special part of the formula that gives you long-term success. Fulfillment comes from the satisfaction of accomplishment without any monetary value.

Of course, now you’re thinking, well yeah…I want both!

As a business person, entrepreneur, former corporate executive and real estate investor, I can testify that money comes and goes REALLY fast. And, while making money is part of the journey, the definition of overall success also comes from the ability to make a difference.


Because of the fact that we are emotional human beings plus the fact that you can’t take money with you when you die. And after you die, if you have any money left over, it will just be spent. But, once that money is spent, what will people remember you for? That feeling of making a difference in people’s lives or the legacy of memorable life events that you create are and can be bigger than any measurable amount of money.

Whether you’re in real estate or not, if you create a mindset for success, you can accomplish anything!

Here are 6 things you gotta do to develop a mindset for success, especially in real estate marketing Philippines:

1. Believe
Before every action is a thought. Your belief system is the beginning of your behavior and actions therefore your behaviors are the result.

For example, if you believe there’s a solution to a problem, your brain will respond with actions to solving that problem. On the opposite side of that equation, if you think that a situation is unsolvable, your brain will direct you to find whatever excuses are available.

Start creating a mindset for success by proactively selecting the beliefs that will propel you towards your goals instead of selecting beliefs that will stand in your way.

2. Be Resourceful 
Life isn’t perfect so chances are you’ll find yourself in a situation, if not every day, that life doesn’t always hand over the solutions, answers, resources or plans for the problems or goals that you encounter and want to achieve.

REAL success, takes out-of-the-box and creative thinking.

The cool thing is, by doing this, you could discover some amazing opportunities.

Being resourceful means solving problems with what you have and finding new ways to get things done.

My two biggest suggestions for being resourceful are:

  1. Keep an Open Mind – If I’m completely honest, this is something that the Philippines is not good at. As a real estate professional, you have a ton of opportunity because it’s an amazing time of economic growth in the real estate sector here in the Philippines. Overall, our country and people have an amazing opportunity. But, it’s sad to say that we’re not helping ourselves, our country and our own businesses if we’re not open minded.

    As a personal example, the village that I live in is supposedly considered an upper-class neighborhood. I’m not trying to brag but I want to make a point. Whenever I go out for a walk or jog, if I see someone I don’t know who is also out and about, perhaps just in front of their house/front-yard, I would go out of my way just to say “hi” and introduce myself as a neighbor. 7 out of 10 times, I’ll get a weird look from their face.

    Now, if I may say so, I’m pretty good with the way I go about it and the words of introducing myself based on the business that I’m in and having a degree in communications so why are people in the Philippines so close minded about meeting new people? Yeah sure, the world can be a scary and evil place but really?

    You gotta remember, you never know who your next customer or boss might be. And you never know where your next opportunity may come from if you don’t keep an open mind.

    That being said, there’s the smaller percentage of people in the Philippines that “get it” and just last week, I did meet a neighbor of mine by the name of “Kevin” and after meeting spontaneously, we made a great connection and shared a lot things in common.

    Another example of being close minded, is that we are too sensitive. Filipinos take criticism and alternative approaches and points of view very very poorly. By being too sensitive, emotions get in the way of a clear mind. Without a clear mind, you may not be able to see the resources, solutions and answers that are right in front of you.
    Look, sorry if I offend anyone but I’m the honest type and to create new levels of amazing success, I’ve always had to reinvent myself and I’ve been able to do it by keeping an open mind.

    Do you want to be a great real estate professional?

    Do you want our country to be great?

    Keep an open mind!

B. Be Confident – When talking about confidence in the context of being a successful real estate professional, I’m referring to the ability to increase your domain knowledge about your product/project and EVERYTHING about what you’re selling so that you can confidently speak to prospects as an expert.
The equation goes like this: 

            By increasing your domain knowledge, you’ll naturally increase your self-esteem and confidence when communicating to prospects.

A person’s single largest purchase in their entire life is real estate. If you can’t confidently show them that you’re an expert, then it’s gonna be really hard for them to trust you with such a large transaction and they’ll just end up buying from someone else.

By investing your time in being a domain expert and by practicing how you present your services, you’ll become more confident in every situation, therefore, increasing the chances of your success.

3. Work Smart, Not Just Hard
Filipinos are the hardest working people in the world. I’m proud of that. We should all be proud of that. Everywhere I’ve been in the world, you can see Filipinos working extremely hard and we have a global reputation for that. We work so hard that we’ll do anything to be successful and make money.

The problem is a lot of people confuse long hours and being busy as hard work and this mentality gets in the way of accelerating success.

Who cares about accelerating success?

If you don’t, you should. Why? 

The simple answer is because time is the only resource that you can’t create more of. As they say, “our days are numbered”. As a real estate agent, why spend time “manning” a booth at the mall when there’s something called the internet that will get you in front of billions more people from all over the world. Did you know that there are 5.5 billion searches on Google EVERY DAY!

Apps. Apps. And more apps!

There’s pretty much an app for everything nowadays. Depending on your age, you might remember when people used to use pagers. Then came the mobile phone and now the smartphone. Can you imagine what you would do without your smart phone?
Major industries like transportation and banking are rapidly changing everyday! Uber’s investor, Benchmark, states that in the next couple of years Uber could be valued at over $100 billion. Who would’ve thought that what looks like a transportation company doesn’t even own their own cars?

Ever heard of Amazon displaced a forty-year-old company called Borders Books who at its peak had 511 store locations and $1.25 billion in assets. Now, Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, just passed Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffet as the new richest man in the world in 2017. He’s worth $94.8 billion.

What’s the point?

Technology is here. Using pen and paper just isn’t a good decision. In most cases, it’s a dumb decision plus it hurts our environment.

Work smart by using technology to accelerate and multiply your success. You don’t need to take my word for it. It’s already happening.

4. Repeatable Process 
This is the phrase that every real estate professional and company needs to embrace. Once you find a process or method that works, document it and build a routine that you can stick to daily. It’s just like cooking a great meal. In order to cook a great meal consistently, every time, there’s a recipe that you gotta follow. If not, your chicken adobo will end up “kulang”.

After you’ve documented and started implementing a specific process, you need to create an easy way to measure how successful it is. Measuring your processes and success is important in the short-term because it gives you confidence that you’re moving forward and that some result will take place within a particular time frame. In the long-term, it ensures that the success method that you decided to repeat is still something that works.

The world of selling and marketing is changing so fast that after a sales or marketing method begins to work, it gets over abused and then needs to be re-invented. If you don’t measure it, you’ll keep doing a process even when it’s returns start to decline.

Here are  few areas/parts of the real estate sales process that you should consider creating into a repeatable process:

A. Prospect cold calling & emailing
B. First Meeting Agenda
C. Presentation
D. Handling Objections
E. Closing Process

5. Small Steps Towards Big Goals
Setting big goals are definitely important and great. There’s probably no one that would argue that. And, it’s the big goals that provide you direction. Success though is a marathon. It’s a long-term journey. In addition, change is constant and occurs more frequently than ever before, thanks to technology, the knowledge economy and the mobile revolution.

It’s the small steps towards your big goals that get you from your starting point to your destination. Where people get stuck is focusing too much on the big goals.

As a real estate agent, what can you do?

A. Set SMART Goals daily but don’t go beyond monthly. If you insist, quarterly is fine but beyond that, there’s just too much change in the market, business and life.
B. Create recurring tasks. Your success is important to yourself, right? So, why not make a recurring calendar invite for yourself in your Google Calendar to ensure that you complete the right quantity of prospecting calls every day.
C. Setup templates for how you like to communicate to clients and prospects for different situations that you already know will happen. For example, have a set of email templates for new prospects that you just met.How much time would you save if you created a “first touch” email template that could be sent within 24 hours that consists of a thank you note and a financial ROI study on the real estate market in the Philippines. Then, your “second touch” email template could go out three days later with a video of a property virtual tour. After that, a “third touch” could be an overview of the actual project you’re representing. And then your “fourth touch” email template could be a request for an actual site tour. So on and so forth.

Basically, instead of “recreating the wheel every time”, especially when your daily goal should be to talk to at least 20 prospects per day, have these communication templates ready to go and then all you need to do is small tweaks to personalize them.

For me, I’m religious about having daily goals in almost everything I do from my workout, my diet and for business. By accomplishing small goals every day, I can rest easy knowing that they’ll all add up to my bigger goals.

6. Make a Difference

As a real estate agent, you’re in an amazing position to make an impact on people’s lives. For first time home buyers, you’re making their dreams come true. For investors, you’re helping them make money. For a company, you’re helping them grow their business. Make sure you create an experience and a relationship that will result in them thanking you for helping them with such a very special occasion.
In order to do this, you’ve got to get in the mindset, start realizing and start creating a process and communicating the difference that you’re gonna make in their life. This will also help you by separating yourself from the competition. Whether it’s recording your prospect’s birthday and greeting them or if it’s creating a welcome home basket of goodies for them when they make a purchase from you, all of these things make a difference.

Making a difference will also keep you top of mind in your customer’s next purchase. As you might have heard, it costs an average of 7x more time and money to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing customer. By not deliberately creating an experience that makes a difference in people’s lives, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot and working so much more harder than you need to. In the end, by making a difference, people will remember you forever and they’ll become your customer for life.

Success is a mental sport. And in any sport, you’re gonna win some and you’re gonna lose some. Real champions and leaders have a way of creating a mindset that results in consistent success for themselves and those around them. As a professional in real estate marketing Philippines, re-start your journey to lifelong fulfillment by implementing these 6 steps to creating a mindset for success.

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