Not enough time to get everything done? How efficient are you at accomplishing your “daily” goals in order to get to your “BIG” goals? Even if you’re hitting your goals today, how about tomorrow? What are you doing to get to the next level?

In case you’re getting stressed about it all, you might be suffering unnecessarily.

Most people see time as the limiting factor for success and productivity, but the crazy thing is that the people who get the most done don’t actually have more time than you.

Sure, they might have a different set of demands in life, they may not have the same length of commute that you do, they might not have the family demands, but we all share the same 24 hours a day.

We’re here to help you work smarter. I started jotting down a long list of productivity tips specifically for agents to be successful in real estate marketing Philippines. This isn’t the entire list but this is a start and I’ll be adding more to it.

Check ‘em out…

  1. Bank Loan Mortgage Process: Learn, understand and be able to articulate what the steps are and what the required documents which are needed to evaluate a mortgage loan application.
  2. Bank Loan Mortgage Checklist: To achieve a bank loan mortgage closing sale fast and safe, ensure that your customers arrive at the bank with all the documents required to complete the loan application by providing them with a personal point of contact from the bank that you have a relationship with and a personalized checklist of what the bank requires.
  3. Cash Buyer Checklist: To achieve the closing of a cash buyer fast and safe, ensure that your customers understand and complete all the documents requirements to complete a cash purchase transaction by sending them a personalized checklist of what the bank requires.
  4. Email Templates: Create email templates ready for you to copy/paste and re-use for either bank loan or cash buyer transactions.
  5. Email Templates: Create email templates ready for you to copy/paste and re-use for each step of the buyer journey (awareness, interest, conversion, qualification, product consideration, and closing).
  6. SMS Text Message Templates: Create SMS text message templates ready for you to copy/paste and re-use to “nudge” them to the next stage of the buyer journey.
  7. Cloud Based Document Storage: Use a cloud-based document storage tool like Google Drive or Dropbox to manage all your documents, templates and checklists no matter where you are.
  8. Mobile Pictures & Videos: Use your phone to take videos and photos of properties as well as your satisfied customers and yourself to use for your blog, landing page galleries and testimonial sections of your website.
  9. Online Appointment Booking: Use booking appointment software and insert it on your email signature to eliminate the distraction and frustration of going back and forth via email or text just to schedule an appointment with you and your prospect and so you can eliminate duplicate entry into your online calendar.
  10. Augmented Reality: Improve the speed in the education and decision-making process of prospective real estate buyers by providing augmented reality tours of your property listings.  Augmented reality delivers virtual elements as an overlay on top of real-world elements.
  11. Virtual Reality: Improve the speed in the education and decision-making process of prospective real estate buyers by providing virtual reality tours of your property listings.  Virtual reality delivers artificial, computer-generated simulation or recreation of a property’s real-life environment by immersing the user by making them feel like they are experiencing the simulated reality firsthand, primarily by stimulating their vision and hearing.
  12. 360 Degree Virtual Tours: Improve the speed in the education and decision-making process of prospective real estate buyers by providing 360-degree virtual tours. A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of videos or still images. It may also use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text.
  13. Electronic-Signing Software: Congrats! You and your client have agreed that you’ll be representing them as their real estate agent and they’re ready to sign on the dotted line. Imagine allowing the buyer to sign your documents from any country on any device, having signed agreements back to you in seconds. Sell faster by providing the easy-to-sign documents securely and electronically.
  14. Email Automation: Save time and money and increase the quality and consistency of your email communications to potential and current clients by sending them the right message at the right time.
  15. Social Media Automation: Save time and money and increase the quality and consistency of your social media posts to potential and current clients by automatically timing your posts to specific social media platforms.
  16. Task List for New Leads: Create a pre-set list of tasks for every new lead that can be customized so that you can create an efficient and repeatable process.
  17. Task List for Qualified Leads: Create a pre-set list of tasks for every prospect after you’ve qualified them that can be customized so that you can create an efficient and repeatable process.
  18. Enable Mobile Check-in: Save time, improve the experience and spend quality with your prospects during an open-house by having them sign-in to a mobile app open-house check-in software that can automatically upload the information to your Customer Relationship Management software (aka. contact management or lead generation software).  
  19. Scan Business Cards: Reduce the time it takes to manually type in business card information to your email or your Customer Relationship Management software (aka. contact management or lead generation software) by using a business card scanning mobile app.
  20. Mortgage Calculator: Help your customers save time by providing them with an online mortgage calculator so that they can estimate the potential monthly amortization of a property.
  21. Real Estate Website: Create your online presence fast by using real estate website templates for WordPress, Wix or Weebly so that you don’t need to waste time and money coming up with a proven design.
  22. Google Apps for Work: If you want to be super productive, you’ve got to create a mobile business environment. By using Google Apps for Work (even their  FREE version), you’ll have all of your important, emails, tasks and documents at your fingertips anytime, anywhere on all your devices.
  23. Password Manager: Easily remember all your passwords to your different online software applications by using a password manager app.
  24. Focus on Your Most Important Tasks: The first part of every real estate agents day should be spent focused on the most important tasks.  Why bother spending hours on time-consuming/low payoff tasks when you could focus on tasks that actually generate income and produce results?
  25. Use Your Calendar: Schedule time into your calendar and then list our
    everything you will work on.  Once you’ve done that, number each item and work through your list.  Complete what you can during your scheduled time without any interruptions or distractions.  Rinse and repeat the next day.
  26. Remove Distractions: Between the phone, email, Internet, employees and all other “interruptions,” our day can quickly get away from us if we allow it.  Turn it all off and stay focused on your task at hand.
  27. Turn Off Social Media: There’s a right time and a right place for everything. Do not allow for a quick vacation from prospecting or other higher priority tasks by logging on to Facebook or taking a stroll down memory lane with an old friend.  Cut yourself off from all distractions, work down your list priorities and take a break once complete.
  28. Use Positive Affirmations: Positive affirmations really do work!  They can take a negative attitude and turn it around just be repeating a few constructive, upbeat words.
  29. How to Use Positive Affirmations: I know it sounds a bit quirky but here are a few tips:  All affirmations should be repeated in the present tense.  For example, “I am creating a clear path towards my destiny.” See what I mean?  You are speaking as if it is happening right now, not in the past and not in the future. Pick a time of day that works best for you and then read them out loud each day.
  30. Take a Cat Nap: Grabbing a few zzzzzz’s might seem like an odd productivity tip, but studies have shown that feeling refreshed after a nap can significantly improve concentration and performance. I wouldn’t suggest napping any longer than 30 minutes though or you will go from refreshed to groggy.
  31. Set Daily Goals: A day without goals is like setting out on a road trip without a map.  Sure you’ll end up somewhere, but I’m doubtful it’s where you truly wanted to be. Wake up each morning with your goals outlined.  These should be incorporated into your daily tasks. Setting your sites on a goal each day offers clarity and promotes a more sustained drive.
  32. Create Good Habits: Studies show that it takes an average of twelve repetitions to start changing behavior. Keep in mind that not every habit may be right for you.  The most important part of creating habits is creating habits that stick. They will only stick if there’s ‘buy-in’ from you.
  33. Break out of the Norm: Don’t be afraid to branch out and try something that makes you a little uncomfortable.  Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be an amazing place that offers growth potential you never believed possible.
  34. Teach Prospects How to Buy From You: Create a buyers checklist to prescribe the steps to look for and buy a property.
  35. Schedule Prospecting First: Prospecting is the appointment on your calendar for your business. It’s your business’s ‘me’ time, and it’s the most important time you can schedule. If you plan to sit for 90 minutes and do nothing but cold call every Monday through Thursday, then put it on your calendar. You can move that time around, maybe, but make sure you aren’t done for the day until you’ve made those calls. Too many agents make the mistake of prospecting when they have nothing else to do. That makes prospecting the last thing they do every day when all the other options are out. Prospecting is market development, and it should be your first priority, not your last.
  36. Work to Objective, Not to Time: If your objective is to have 10 conversations with new prospects, do that. If you want to make 100 calls, then do that. Either way, it’s better than saying “I am going to make phone calls for two hours.” Why? Because most people won’t make the calls. They will shuffle papers, look at the clock, fiddle with their contact list, muck about with spreadsheets – anything but make the calls. That’s no good. You have to be on the phone, talking to people, or you’re missing the point.
  37. Educate Yourself: Listen to podcasts to train yourself during commute and traffic time.
  38. Identify When You Are Most Focused: According to Dan Ariely, the two most productive hours of the day are right after we wake up. Some successful entrepreneurs say they are most productive Friday evening, in the middle of the night, or at lunchtime. Spend a week paying attention to when you feel most focused and alert. Then block out that time each day to spend on your most cognitively demanding work that will impact your real estate business. I like how author Tony Schwartz puts it: “Manage your energy, not your time.”
  39. Develop a Morning Routine: One of the most transformative habits a real estate agent can adapt to boost productivity is to develop a great morning routine. This should be something that you can do repetitively every morning, and it should be BEFORE your actual day’s work starts. If you’re one of those people who is most productive the first two hours of the morning, go ahead and get some work done, follow up on your new real estate leads, but then dedicate the third hour to your morning routine.
  40. Develop an Evening Routine: An evening routine is just as important for productivity as your morning routine. Dedicate an hour or two of your evening to an activity that helps you transition from the workday to a state of relaxation…which will result in a good night’s sleep.
  41. Stick to your morning and evening routines…no skipping. This isn’t an either-or option—one doesn’t work without the other. Skipping your evening routine will mess up your sleep and make for a crappy morning. Skipping your morning routine will hurt your productivity throughout the day, throw your schedule off-track, and prevent you from properly engaging in your evening routine.


Keep it going on the weekends, too. That way, you won’t be frazzled and unprepared when Monday morning rolls around.

The work schedule of an agent in real estate marketing Philippines, fluctuates so much throughout the week. That’s why you should use the early morning and late evening to have stricter routines, then allow your day to be flexible.

SUMMARY: Find every way to work smarter and multiply your success. In order to do this, it takes discipline and process. As a result, you’ll get awesome results with your Philippine Real Estate marketing ideas and campaigns.

If you even take 3 of these suggestions and implement them today, by working smarter,

I’m sure that you’re gonna improve your productivity and success by at least 3 times!!!

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