16 MORE SUCCESS TIPS FOR PHILIPPINE REAL ESTATE MARKETING (Part 2 of 2) A couple months ago we released the Part 1 of “41 Success Tips for Philippine Real Estate Marketing” and anytime is a good time to assess what you can do to improve your probability of success. One of my favorite success quotes is:

16 Ways to Increase Real Estate Agent Productivity | Prosperna Blog

Here at Prosperna, we believe that real estate sales is a “premeditated” sport. To be good at any sport, it takes strategy, practice, planning and constant improvement. Here are 16 MORE SUCCESS TIPS FOR PHILIPPINE REAL ESTATE MARKETING:

  1. Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) to do: Your day-to-day administrative tasks. For example, setting up and confirming appointments, telemarketing and much more. Once you’ve devised and documented a system to handle administrative tasks, it can then be handed over to the VA. In fact, there’s a great local service for VA type work in the Philippines here at
  2. Improve How You Handle Different Time Zones: Setup a FREE account using World Time Buddy – a simple time zone converter for scheduling. This will enable you to easily set up and convert time zones when working with buyers abroad.
  3. Simplify Your Facebook & Blog Graphic Design: Canva– Canva makes graphic design simple for everyone. Create professional graphics with the click of a mouse.
  4. Stop Trying to Multitask: Everyone thinks they’re good at multitasking, but scientific evidence proves that the exact opposite is true. The human mind is not like a computer where you can let certain apps run in the background. It does its best work when it is fully focused on one task at a time. Stop trying to do a thousand things at once and you’ll instantly find that you are able to do each of those things faster and with better quality individually.
  5. Constantly Set Reminders: If the best way to increase productivity is to reduce distractions, getting all of the things you have to remember to do out of your head can have a tremendous impact on your life. Whether you choose to use a Bullet Journal or an app like, let something else be in charge of remembering that you need to do certain things so that you can focus completely on the task at hand.
  6. Sleep & Exercise: While it might seem counterproductive to use your precious time on things like sleeping and going to the gym, it’s a proven fact that well-rested people who exercise regularly are able to accomplish more in the limited time they have left than their exhausted and stressed-out peers. Don’t let your growing to-do list keep you up at night or take over your exercise time.
  7. Remove Distractions: Increasing productivity almost always comes down to removing distractions and increasing focus. By adjusting just a few simple details in your life (or people who distract you), you can do both of those things rather easily and dramatically improve the results you are able to produce on a daily basis.
  8. Implement List Segmentation: If you’re gonna be good at real estate, you have to think like a good marketer. Real marketers understand the value of segmenting your contacts and prospects by their buying behavior and profile.
  9. Always Be Prospecting: Wherever you are, you’re always prospecting. Whether you’re at a party or waiting for the train.
  10. Work Remotely: When working, work remotely in your territory and where you target customers frequent.
  11. Advertise Yourself: Create a custom t-shirt with your website url so that when you’re working remotely, it’s FREE advertising.
  12. Share listings: The most successful agents work in and as part of a team.
  13. Document Customer Demographics: Track and document all the relevant profile data such as birthdays of your prospect. All of this data will help you determine the characteristics of people who are likely to buy and give you a reason to stay in contact with them.
  14. Document All Your Sales Activity: Track and document all the past interactions with your prospect. This will help you know what part of the sale stage you’re at with all your best leads.
  15. Create a Talk Track: Call qualified leads with a purpose on getting a result such as a yes, no or date to revisit. Any answer is better than no response. The best way to create repeatable success is to templatize your sales talk track based on what you know works. You can always modify it as needed.
  16. Qualify, Qualify, Qualify: Don’t spend time with leads that are not qualified. You should improve your understanding of the key criteria needed to identify a qualified lead such as:

As we all know, in order to create successful Philippine Real Estate Marketing Campaigns, we’ve got to continue to find ways to work smarter. By implementing just a few of these, you’re bound to help you grow sales. Here at Prosperna, we’re passionate about helping real estate professionals in the Philippines reach their full potential. Stop guessing and start growing your sales today. Book a FREE DEMO.

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