Are you awesome, or what?

“Awesome” = a star performer who’s passionate about making a difference, and helping others go beyond their full potential.

What’s it like to be part of our awesome team?


Value Driven

The way we do things around here is anchored by a deep internal drive supported by our core values. That’s what builds strong character. And that’s what brings out the leader in you.


World Class

As an international business, our common goal & mission creates a bridge for us and our diverse set of clients which brings us together. At Prosperna, get ready to bring your game to a whole new level.


Passion for Learning

Imagine a force that can move mountains, overcome weaknesses and inspire creativity. We put passion into learning so that you can go from good to great. Are you ready?


Team Player

There is no “I” in “team”. Great results come from a collaborative group of people who combine their individual skills in pursuit of a common goal. We build “A Teams” for a living.


Giving Back

create a better world, improve lives with those who have less or simply make someone smile. Nothing feels better than adding value to the world. How will you make your mark?


Have fun, of course!

We spend 70% of our lives at “work” and so we don’t do anything unless we can have fun, pour our passion in it and inspire others. It’s your choice. Start fueling your future with a “career” and not a “j-o-b”.